India’s Biggest McDonald in Noida

World’s biggest fast food chain McDonald’s opened India’s biggest McDonald’s restaurant in Noida on June 08 , 2013. This is the company’s 152nd outlet in the North and Eastern region of the country.
India's Biggest McDonald in Noida
India’s Biggest McDonald in Noida
The restaurant  is spread over 8000 sq ft across two floors with a capacity to seat 320. Tactically located between The Great India Place Mall and Worlds of Wonder Amusement Park of Sector 38 A of Noida the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) has seen high footfall since it has opened.
Biggest McDonald's in Noida has 320 Seats
                   Biggest McDonald’s in Noida with 320 Seats
The store has a spacious party area on the upper deck for your kids birthday and can seat more than ninety guests. There is a dedicated Drive-thru and a Dessert Kiosk in the premises. Interestingly, in 1997 McDonalds first Drive-Thru restaurant and first Disabled friendly store in the country was also opened in Noida.
Drive-Thru and Dessert Kiosk at Noida's newest McDee
                                                                             Drive-Thru and Dessert Kiosk
The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened on October 13, 1996 at Basant Lok, New Delhi. It had the distinction of being the first McDonald’s restaurant in the world to not serve beef and pork based products. The food retail chain has come a long way since then and made innovative additions to the menu to suit the Indian taste-buds. Nearly half-a-million customers visit its restaurant in India everyday.
McDonald's Breakfast Menu served from 8-11 am
The New Noida McDonald’s at TGIP serves Breakfast Menu from  8-11 am
                                                                     Image Courtesy: McDonald’s India
Big Mac’s new store serves its world famous Breakfast menu from 8-11 AM. There is no Mcdelivery counter though which keeps the Drive-thru bay clutter-free for the customers.
Noida  McDonald's Party Area on the Upper Deck and Dessert Kiosk
         Noida  McDonald’s Party Area on the Upper Deck and Dessert Kiosk
McDonald’s is in a rapid expansion mode in India and worldwide. It opens a new restaurant every four hour. Of late Big Mac is revamping its business model to attract adult customers and strategically face the growing competition in retail food business. McDonald’s makeover has kicked off in India and across the globe.
Big Mac's Interesting Facts
     Big Mac’s Interesting Facts. Courtesy: Economic Times
Of the total 313 McDonald’s outlets in the country so far there are 7 outlets in Noida. Find a McDonald’s Restaurant near you in Noida . Alternatively, visit this newest outlet and let us know your experience.
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