Are You Vexed by Stray Dog Menace in Noida

Strays evoke different reactions in different people. Animal lovers do not differentiate between a mongrel or pedigree dog when it comes to shower their love and affection. They regularly feed these strays while some go to the extent of knitting sweaters around winter and protecting them from harsh winter of the north. Largely people are indifferent to the presence of stray mutts. Dog has been a companion of man since the beginning of the civilization. However, the presence of stray mutts in residential areas has become a cause of concern to many. Recent reports suggest a rise in cases of dog bites in many sectors of Noida. Are You too Vexed by Stray Dog Menace in Noida?

Stray Dog Menace in Noida


Some Hard Facts

  • India has some 30 million stray dogs with more than 20,000 reported deaths due to rabies every year.
  • India, appallingly, accounts for 35% of human rabies deaths more than any other country. These deaths are mainly attributed to the feral strays.
  • Nearly 1.3 million people were bitten by dogs in Mumbai alone between 1994 and 2015.
  • Kashmir official figures in the state’s health records report more than 50,000 locals bitten by strays between 2008 and 2012. A dozen people had died of rabies during this period in the valley.
  • It costs about 1,000 rupees ($15; £10) to sterilise a dog

Killing of Dogs is Outlawed in India

Killing of dogs has been outlawed in India since 2001. Still in many parts of the country municipalities have gone for culling of dogs after increased cases of dog bites. In 2008, the Mumbai high court allowed municipal authorities to kill dogs that were “creating nuisance”. However, the Supreme Court suspended the order later. Since then, the top court has said there will no be no culling of strays, and ordered mass dog sterilisation programmes.

Dog Menace in Noida

Noida has a population of more than 10,000 stray dogs. Recently there has been a rise in the cases of dog bites in many localities of Noida.  The period between August and December see a rise in attacks by the stray mutts. This is the mating season when the strays get aggressive and  territorial. Increasing incidents of dogs attacking and biting passers-by often result in fights between dog lovers and other residents who shelter and feed the strays. Dogs on the street is increasingly becoming a menace in Noida. To add to the woes of residents the street dogs are neither vaccinated nor sterilized leading to an increase in their population on the streets. This greatly increases the risk of fatal disease like Rabies. It is said, a single female dog can give birth to as many as 10,000 puppies in six years. Besides, the abandoned pets are adding to the stray dog pool. Do the math!

People in Noida are so pissed off that they organised a protest at Jantar Mantar. N P Singh president FONRWA sat on a daylong protest dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi over the matter in April 2016.  Stray Dog Free Movement (SDFM) – a body of all-India awareness program on stray dog menace coordinated this protest.

Reality Check

So far many individuals and resident bodies like RWA, FONRWA have submitted written complaints to all authorities concerned.  The representatives of these organisations say many meetings with the authorities have yielded no results in the past. FONRWA called for an urgent, coordinated measure with both Authority and SPCA along with RWAs without any bureaucratic delays on the matter. News reports suggest the issue with the authorities is in the limbo with buck passing ruling the roost. SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) responsible to take care of this issue says they do not have requisite funds.

We appeal to all and sundry to look into this matter and come forward with solutions to this vexing dog menace in Noida. A proper solution is the need of the hour.

Noida Diary Suggests:

  1. Dog parks should be developed. The owner’s walking the dog should carry scoops to remove dog turd.
  2. Noida Authority should take measures to control the growth in canine population.
  3. These strays could be transported to facility in Delhi.
  4. Make-shift arrangements could be built up, possibly near vacant government land around Yamuna Expressway.
  5. Increase concerned department’s budgetary allocation for sterilization, vaccination and rehabilitation of dogs.

Article updated on September 15, 2016


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  1. People who feed stray dogs and throw food for them anywhere and everywhere, should be, BY LAW, deemed as PET OWNERS. Tax may be levied on pet owners. Make it mandatory that pet owners sterlize pet dogs. Heavy punishment for defaulters.

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