Are You Vexed by Dog Menace in Noida

Strays have become a vexing problem to Noida residents
Dogs on the street is increasingly becoming a menace in Noida. A proper solution is the need of the hour. Recently there has been a rise in the cases of dog bites in many localities of Noida. These street dogs are neither vaccinated nor sterilized leading to an increase in their population on the streets and thereby increasing the risk of fatal disease like Rabies. It is said, a single female dog can give birth to as many as 10,000 puppies in six years. Besides, the abandoned pets are adding to the stray dog pool. Do the math.
We appeal to all and sundry to look into this matter and come forward with solutions to this vexing dog menace in Noida.
Our suggestions:
  1. Dog parks should be developed. The owner’s walking the dog should carry scoops to remove dog turd.
  2. Noida Authority should take measures to control the growth in canine population.
  3. These strays could be transported to facility in Delhi.
  4. Make-shift arrangements could be built up, possibly near vacant government land around Yamuna Expressway.
  5. Increase concerned department’s budgetary allocation for sterilization, vaccination and rehabilitation of dogs.

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