Go Bananas!

Go Bananas! Half Bananas genetically, Already ūüėČ
Last year¬†Robert Vadra’s¬†unsavory¬†‘Mango people in banana republic’¬† remark on social media made¬†headlines and ¬†briefly brewed up a shameful controversy storm. On the International stage¬†Ryan Lochte¬†the eleven-time Olympic Medalist disclosed¬†‘ he has a jumping banana in his head’¬†on the Reality TV Show¬†What Would Ryan Lochte Do?. Green activists nearer home have called for a¬†‘no genetically modified Banana’ campaign¬†from May 01, 2013.
Everybody is going bananas!

Lets also join this trip and Go Bananas!
Learn every thing about this ubiquitous tropical fruit banana. Check out the amazing banana facts and some more interesting banana fun facts.  Did you know Banana is a zero cholestrol food. Check out the Nutrition facts.
 Bananas in Pyjamas Costume
This everyday fruit is eaten raw, blended as a smoothie or in pancakes  for breakfast. It tastes yum! Some more please, Anyday darling! Here are some Indian Banana Recipes you can try.
You may just  pick up this life saver potassium rich tropical fruit and enjoy some great banana recipes .


My all time favorite is a simple Banana Pancake Recipe. Always a welcome for breakfast or a quick snack.

4 medium eggs, separated. 2 cups of flour.1 cup of milk.1 cup of pureed banana.1 teaspoon of vanilla.Pinch of cinnamon.Cooking Oil.
Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes – Easy Yummy Recipe for Breakfasts!

Preparation Instructions:

Beat the egg whites until they are stiff; then refrigerate.
Mix together the flour, egg yolks and milk.
Add the banana puree and mix.
Add the vanilla and cinnamon, then mix thoroughly.
Coat a suitably sized skillet with cooking oil; then heat.
Fold 4 tablespoons of egg white into 1 cup of pancake batter.
Pour into hot skillet.Cook, turning once. Repeat until all batter is used.
Read this banana trivia about a half eaten banana auctioned on e-bay for a whopping $2500. You can also warm up to the Fashion preview of Banana Republic Winter/Autumn 2013 Collection. Catch a sneak peek of future fashion trends.
Banana Republic AW13 jewelled necklace and some canapés
                     First look at the Banana Republic autumn/winter 2013 collection
Get the latest from Banana Republic + Madmen Spring/Summer Collection 2013. Do anything that makes you Go Bananas!
Banana Republic Mad Men Spring-Summer 2013 Preview
   Banana Republic + Mad Men Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Credits: Rose-Sea

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