Roasted Chicken with Mushroom-capsicum Sauce

Chicken marinated in Indian spices and teamed with potatoes and sauce of mushroom and capsicum. Yum! Yum!
Roasted Chicken with mushroom-Capsicum Sauce
Roasted Chicken with mushroom-Capsicum Sauce

Take a full chicken, cleaned dressed and slit for a perfect juicy succulent Chicken Roast.

Marinate the chicken (1-2 hrs atleast) with ginger garlic paste, salt and garam-masala or the tandoor masala with a light flavour of ajwain and lemon juice..rub all these one by one thoroughly into the skin (make slits for better absorption)…fill the cavity with rice it……then roast at 180degrees in a preheated oven for 2 hrs after basting with oil or butter.Keep turning the bird for proper cooking and and use the pan juices to baste it while cooking
Rice mix: cook the rice then fry it with spring onions and curry powder.
The Sauce: Chop mushroom, onion, capsicum, tomato.Make 2 Tb Sp Tomato paste. Heat butter in a pan and fry the veggies add tomato paste little honey, white vinegar, salt, lal mirch pwd ~ all as per your liking add water Cook on medium heat till the veggies are cooked and the sauce reduces to a desired consistency.

Chicken being roasted with potatoes in the Oven
Chicken being roasted with potatoes in the Oven

Serve it with baked potatoes and baked paneer(marinated with the same masala) and boiled eggs

(Recipe: Roasted Chicken with Mushroom-capsicum Sauce; i have kind of indianised this recipe to suit the Indian palate)

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