Jagat Farm- The Heart of Greater Noida!

Whenever you talk about Greater Noida, you can never eschew mentioning about Jagat farm. The market or the place has always been a part and parcel of the city. Apparently, it’s the most happening place in Greater Noida. A market is an integral part of any city or place. The life of the city and the people living in it heavily hinges upon the availability of markets in it. Thus, a market becomes of cardinal importance. Jagat farm has always been a heart of the city and has many unique offerings.
 Jagat Farm- The Heart of Greater Noida!shopping

The road side food stuff that you get here, is tasty and at the same time cost effective. The place is flooded with Chinese food stalls at the corners of the road, that offer variety of dishes. Also, are there some lavish restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. The choice of food items is immense, from typical north Indian food stuff to Chinese and South Indian items, the list is apparently too long to mention. Drive in here for some fantastic road side food stuff and items.

Jagat Farms - Market in Greater Noida

The place has always served the general needs. Shops here offer almost all the daily need items and the place has always been a lifeline for the people living in Greater Noida, students in particular. There are a variety of stationary shops from where the students collect the stuff they need. Jagat farm has seen decent growth in terms of infrastructure and number of shops in the recent past. The place now offers number of shops for all the gadget needs of the gadget freaks.

The place also has a lot to offer for the fashion lovers. There are a lot of shops offering clothes of the latest trends and style. The Jagat Plaza which is one of the main shopping complexes at the Jagat Farm, has many such shops that offer stylish clothes at reasonable price. The best thing about the place is that, you are not restricted to the conventional brands, instead you get the real “Dilli Wala” taste of fashion. If you want to grab new shades or may be stylish artificial jewellery, then the road-side shops at the Jagat farm will probably suffice your purpose.

Rohan @ Jagat Farms
The place has always been a huge life-line for all the students in Greater Noida. Jagat farm is a fantastic place to hang-out with your friends and gives you that typical “college days” feeling. The place serves most of the needs of the students, like- Xerox, stationary, cyber cafes, grocery et al.
Those who live in Noida and Greater Noida probably know the importance of the place, the most! For all those who haven’t been to Jagat farm yet, do visit the place for its sheer uniqueness and utility. It is definitely not one of those places that make you marvel at the beauty of it, but it has its own importance!
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