Aha Rains!!

A brief spell of rain on Sunday and today Monday has brought respite from the heat and humidity. The summer has been harsh as usual and to add to misery the Met Dept had raised an alarm for a below normal monsoon. This got us all genuflecting asking almighty for relief and rains in this holy month of Ramadan. It seems prayers have been answered!

Rains in Noida

The downpour although for a short while just reaffirmed the fact that I am a ‘pluviophile’ – someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. I love watching the blustering wind splashing the window panes with a flurry of rain making myriads of patterns. Watching raindrops trickle down your car windows has a very calming effect. And it is an altogether different joy to have a hot cuppa tea/coffee with pakoras over a chat with friends and family. The rain also means ditching the trip to shopping malls instead going for a long drive.

Pluviophiles love rains

Some other times I love to listen to music on a rainy day on the radio. The RJ on FM channels on such days usually play good saawan songs from Bollywood with lot of rim-jhim in it.

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