Floral Topiary at Noida Flower Show 2016

The star attraction of the 30th Noida Flower Show was a set of spectacular floral topiaries in different animal forms placed in the center of stadium. Floral topiary is a beautiful arrangement of flowers in various shapes. 

Noida Diary: Floral Arrangement in Animal Forms at the Noida Flowr Show

The floral topiaries of giraffe, elephant, camel, bear and deer charmed one and all. The topiaries were primarily made of marigold flowers. Marigold flowers are the most commonly found flowers in India. Easily grown with low maintenance and short crop cycles these flowers are very popular in use at religious functions as well as at weddings and for other party decorations. 

The big bright animal-floral-arrangement was the cynosure of the flower show. It was very difficult to get a good click at the flower show without getting photobombed once in a while. However, the photo-opportunities were abundant for the click-happy and selfie-obsessed shutterbugs. Noida Flower Show is indeed a photographer’s delight!

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