Noida – An Entertainment Destination City of India

Noida, originally envisioned as an industrial hub, over the years transformed splendidly into a residential haven. It is the most preferred destination among home buyers and investors in entire National Capital Region. Recently, ABP News Network awarded Noida as best city in housing category and the best city in Uttar Pradesh. Noida is popular for its amazing shopping malls, buzzing nightlife, reverberating party scene, exhilarating entertainment and endless fun experiences it offers.  

 Noida Entertainment Destination
The advent of mall culture has certainly changed the way people enjoy weekends in the city. Entertainment per se has seen a sea change over the past few decades. Weekend earlier meant quite time lazily spent with family. A movie outing or a picnic with friends and family, if weather permitted, used to qualify as a ‘fun weekend’. Much has changed now with so many options available to Noida people. They are in fact spoilt for choices!

Noida seems like always buzzing with events and activities.  The city has become a magnet for visitors from all over NCR. Noida has a healthy pub culture and booming nightlife. The movie experience with IMAX screens and Dolby sound in Noida multiplexes is out of this world. Add to that the entertainment tax waivers the cine-goers get here. That makes movie watching an incredibly pocket-friendly option too. Weekend shopping at Noida malls is not a chore that make you bore. It is rather a family outing that usually winds up in dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Noida is dotted with indoor gaming arenas, sports bars and lounges, bowling alleys and outdoor theme parks. These indeed take up the entertainment quotient of the city by several notches. There are parks, museums, memorials and art galleries to be visited to get high on culture.

New facilities are being added to the Noida’s entertainment pool on a regular basis. No wonder people in NCR look Noida-wards for a wholesome fun experience with family. Noida, no doubt, is shaping into an ultimate entertainment destination city of India which is making progress in leaps and bounds. In this series of articles we will write about ‘entertainment destinations’ or ‘the fun places to go‘ in Noida. 

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Keep watching this space for more on Noida and its entertainment destinations!

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33 thoughts on “Noida – An Entertainment Destination City of India

  1. True, Alok 🙂 I have adopted the city and the city has received us with open arms. There are too many good new things happening here, that adds to its charm of being a modern progressive city. It feels so alive. There is no denying that city has its share of troubles to which time and again we point out too on this blog. But, largely, Noida is a wonderful city.

  2. wow, Great Post!! New facilities are being added to the Noida's entertainment pool on a regular basis. Noida is a Nice Place. But, crime point of You increase day-by-day. Any Comment Bushra Ji..

  3. Certainly, Noida is a nice place. The city police, as per the latest news reports, is on a mission to crack down crime in the city. They have recently launched 'Operation Dastak' where they have profiled over 1000 criminals based on crime records data. This way they aim to keep a tab on their activities and nab them if found involved in criminal activities.

  4. Delhi is the heart of Indian and more over a huge amount of population reside there and the level of entertainment they are looking for will be more but people has to make sure that they are on the right way of entertainment or not .Some time people do risk for the sake of entertainment.

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