Noida celebrates Janmashtami with great splendour

Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth anniversary celebrations of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu calendar Janmashtami is celebrated in the month of Bhadon on 8th day of Ashtami of Krishna Paksh i.e. the dark fortnight. Noida celebrates Janmashtami with great zeal.

The legend:

In Hindu mythology, Bhudevi, the goddess of earth beseech Lord Vishnu to rid her of the excesses of sin on the planet Earth. He promised her that he would be incarnated in human form and destroy evil. Thus, he was born as Krishna around 5, 200 years ago in Mathura. he was the eighth son of Vasudeva and Devaki.

Kansa, Devaki’s brother, took over the Kingdom of Mathura by imprisoning his father. However, the prophecy foretold Kansa would be killed at the hands of the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva. So, he imprisoned them too and killed their six children. Balram, their seventh child was miraculously transferred to womb of Rohini. When Krishna was born Vasudev, took him to his friend Nand and Yashoda by crossing treacherous river Yamuna. Lord Krishna grew up with his foster parents in Gokul and later killed his uncle Kansa.

Noida Celebrates Janmashtami:

On Thursday, August 25, devotees in Noida celebrated Janmashtami with great splendor by participating in Jhankis (tableux). The jhankis had scenes from Lord Krishna’s life enacted by people in colorful costumes. Kids dressed up as Kanha and Gopiyaan looked so adorable. They were even garlanded by devotees. These jhankis with beautiful Lord Krishna idols and also kids dressed up as little Krishna and Radha was driven in trucks around the city. The tableux procession commenced from the temples, prominent being Laxmi Narayan Temple in sector 56 having nine jhankis, with devotees following singing bhajan. Then they finally were taken back to the temple for darshan. The Iskcon Temple in sector 33 was decorated beautifully and lit up to celebrate the biggest birthday party on Earth they announced on their Facebook page. Perhaps, Isckon temple had the maximum number of devotees joining in the celebration from all over Noida and NCR.

Noida celebrates Janmashtami with great splendour

A stroll in the market around Janmashtami is a pleasant experience. People throng the markets to buy puja samagri (items to perform puja) . Essentially puja samagri comprises of – New clothes for Lord Krishna. Bansuri (flute), ornaments for Lord, Shankha (conch shell), Puja thali to keep the puja samagri, Ghanta (bell), Diya (earthen lamp),  Chawal (rice), Elaichi (Caradamom), Supari (betel nut), Paan Patta (betel leaves), Mauli thread, Gangajal, Sindoor (Vermillion paste), Agarbatti (incense sticks), flowers, Ghee and Sweets. Here are couple of clicks captured at the Brahmaputra market.

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