Indian Xtreme Wrestling Collision 2017

Watch the real Sultans live in action on February 12 at the The Great India Place Mall grounds at the Indian Xtreme Wrestling Collision 2017. The stage is set for the most amazing and ruthless fight action game in the city. International brand Playboy Café is the co- sponsor of the event at the TGIP Mall.

Indian Xtreme Wrestling Collision 2017

Collision 2017 night will feature some of the leading lights like Rocky (mixed martial arts), Dildar Singh (mat wrestling), Danny (pro-body builder), The Beast (Rughby), Flash (judo), Neil (engineer turned body builder), Jack (handball), Jack Hammer (Powerlifting), and many more. The Collision provides a perfect mesh of sportsmen from various games and more importantly these are all medalists in their own fields.

Indian Xtreme Wrestling is an organisation that aims to select, train and provide a platform of international standards for the wrestlers. Xtreme Wrestling has no restriction of age, game format, weight, and background sport. In last 6 years, it has trained more than 50 professionals wrestlers under their banner.

Come to witness the action where Xtreme Hardcore Fighters are born and rules are crushed !!


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    1. India has so many talented sports people other than cricketers. Surprisingly, many events are organize at various levels. But all these go unnoticed as they have little means to promote or get a sponsor. I hope to fill in the gap in promoting the sports that are played in my city. Thanks for your encouraging words, Alok!

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