Growing Demand Of Luxurious Embroidered Fabric Across The World

Want to narrate a story on what we wear? Embellish it with embroidery efficacy. In a single sentence, you may define embroidery as a tango dance of thread and needle. In the era of global fashion, embroidery and ornamentation have created a niche of connoisseurs across the world. India is the country of art & artisans and is serving the whole world with its amazing crafts. It is one of the leading hubs of handicraft and cottage industry where millions of talents are creating wonders.

Growing Demand Of Luxurious Embroidered Fabric Across The World

 Along with India, many other countries have taken up the art of ornamentation or embroidering. The embroidered fabric roll is more on demand than plain fabric. Beside hand embroidery, technology has boomed with embroidery machines which can meet with the growing demand of this industry. China, Germany, Taiwan and many other countries in the Middle East are contributing to the turnover of such fabrics.

Major consumption in ethnic wear making

Indian ethnic wear or traditional wear is globally on high demand. Lehenga, saree, gown, salwar, suit and lot more on the array which requires luxurious embroidery fabric to add on the grace and efficacy of the silhouette. Especially with the upsurge in ready-made garments demand of embroidering fabric took a major market share. Since Mughal era embroidery work on attires are on practice. Royal families had a deep inclination for such ornamented attires. Gradually embroidery has become a part of designers’ excellence now to feature the trend in fashion. Apart from that other home furnishing, accessories, shoes are also made from embroidered fabric.

Growing Demand Of Luxurious Embroidered Fabric Across The World

Types of embroidered fabric featured for ethnic wear

Followings are some of the embroidered fabric intricate according to regional culture:-

  • Chikankari – It is one of the most demanded and delicate work. It is originated at Lucknow since the Mughal era. At first, a print is imprinted on a fabric and then needle and thread work coherently in creating the embroidered wonder. Its real essence is in white-on-white embellishment. But with the wind of fusion and creation now it has taken a modulated version which is as well praiseworthy.
  • Kantha – Originated in Bengal and Odissa. Inspired by the “NAKSHI KANTHA” rural women in cottage industry creates motifs and another embellishment across the fabric in running stitch.
  • Phulkari – An amazing art. The embroidery work is actually done on the back side of the fabric which imbibes the actual design on the front side. It is primarily done on khadi fabric.
  • Zardosi – It is the most expensive and royal type which basically originated in Persia and gradually being adopted by Indian artisans. Gold, silver and other precious metals are used as thread to embellish the fabric. Rich fabric like silk, velvet and muslin are used to adorn such work.
  • Rajasthani Patchwork – It stitches small pieces of fabric in an embellished decorative pattern to form an upper layer which consists of many padded bottom layers.
  • Mirror Work – Origin at Rajasthan and Gujrat. Hand-blown shisha, Machine cut shisha and Shisha embroidery are three major types under the same. Threads in the palate of hues are intricate with different size and shape of mirror to adorn the fabric.
Growing Demand Of Luxurious Embroidered Fabric Across The World

On the global market, the turnover of such fabric is expected to increase at a significant level. is a global partner of top notch designing and garment manufacturing houses to provide luxurious embroidery fabric. It has a huge collection to suffice all needs and designs in embroidery segment. The best part is its price range which is internationally competitive. Pick out your choice today and flaunt the fashion.

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