Rain Pain in Noida

Waking up to a cool breezy morning with light drizzle outside makes for a beautiful romantic day. The weather in Noida is no less than of a hill station at the moment with incessant rains this week varying from heavy torrents to light drizzle. Of course, with 62mm of rains in the last 24 hours and 27 degrees on the Celsius scale, the weather is an absolute delight. The temperatures have cooled down so much that met department has logged this gone Friday as the coolest July day in capital’s history since 2003. But then when you wake up from this reverie you are jolted by a different set of  reality. The rains bring pain with it!

Rain Pain in Noida

Weekend plans have gone awry. No Raahgiri today for Noida. The kids are the most disappointed lot. Can’t go out to play in the park either. The nearby sector parks are inundated with knee-deep water. The benches look like small boats in a lake now. Interestingly, a rain-pain inspired joke is doing the rounds on social media declaring the present situation in NCR as ‘The Great Delhi Boating festival’.

The main roads leading to malls and markets and the streets of housing societies are waterlogged as a result of heavy downpour since Monday. People had to literally wade through the ankle to knee-deep filthy water in various sectors. When the rains stop intermittently the water recede leaving slushed roads behind.

The low lying areas in the city has been identified by a study done by Prof R B Singh and Prof S Singh of Delhi School of Economics which we talked about in our earlier article Flood Alarm in Noida; June 2013. These areas should be provided with pumps to drain out water and ease the resident’s woes.

The rain pain was most definitely felt during the daily commute. The waterlogged roads coupled with malfunctioning signals led to traffic snarls of epic proportions. Some of the traffic posts were unmanned during rains leading to chaos and jams on the roads. The support information on social media was non-existent. Traffic police department had merely 1-2 updates per day, during this whole week full of traffic woes, on their facebook and twitter handles.The timely updates would have informed people to take alternate routes to avoid traffic build up which led to massive jams eventually.

Several arterial roads across the city were flooded. The traffic crawled near low lying areas of Film City Road, DND Flyway, 12-22 Tiraha, Labor Chowk, Khoda, Sector 58, Sector 61, Sector 62, Sector 18, Atta Market, Sector 37 and Kalindi Kunj Road.

Year after year it is the same old story in the city every monsoon. Despite a fifteen days ‘Clean Noida’ drive by the administration  last month, the city is faced with the annual problem of waterlogged roads due to clogged drains. The administration’s preparedness to handle these issues fell short of expectations.

Disclosure: This rant was necessary! 😛

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0 thoughts on “Rain Pain in Noida

  1. Purba, this problem is unfortunately in many parts of the country. Totally unacceptable. It's a pity such a beautiful weather turns nightmarish due to administration's apathy. High time we should get cleaner and well managed cities…when we are talking of smart cities…this is the basic a citizen can have on their wishlist.

  2. being from Noida or Delhi NCR, one would always love rain. I moved to bangalore and even though it rains almost everyday…..but I'm feel as excited to see it rain as I was in Noida.

    Every city has these problems and I wish that Noida administration could put up a better effort but rain doesn't spoil my weekends or evenings. It already rains so less in Noida, I couldn't afford to not get drenched whenever there was a chance.

    I had to get my fone fixed twice in the month of Feb this year, in Noida because water clogging as I was carry it while walking in the rain………..

    One should enjoy rain in one's own way………..

  3. Well said, Hitesh…rains need to be enjoyed…but the conditions in the city were making many of us miserable. I too love rains and try to make most of it…but Noida could do better with good civic amenities and unclogged roads. Hope you are enjoying Bangalore weather 🙂

  4. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

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