Happy Holi Noida

Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, truly characterize the advent of spring.  Played with rang and masti be ready to be drenched in colors and merrymaking. This is no time to take offense…“bura na mano holi hai”. 

Noida Diary: Happy Holi 2016
The festival celebrates the deliverance of Bhakt Prahlad and burning of evil Holika. This is commemorated by lighting a Holi bonfire.

Noida Diary: Holi Bonfire Ready to be Lit
Holi Bonfire Ready to be Lit

It is almost the time of the year for spring-cleaning. The old, broken and useless things collected are burnt in the Holi bonfire. This also symbolize the burning of the bad memories and experiences of the past. Holi is the time to start anew.  

So here’s wishing our readers new beginnings with splashes of laughter and sprinkles of joy adding more color to life!

Happy Holi!!!

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