Holi Shopping in Noida

Holi is round the corner and it is time for some festive shopping.  Find the perfect shopping destinations for your Holi shopping in Noida. Read the guide on where to buy your pichkari and gulal this Holi.

What to Buy? 

Pichkari (Spray-guns), gulal (Powdered color), scented gulal, herbal gulal, Sandal packs, water balloons, rainbow caps and colored masks. 

The Chinese water guns have flooded the markets. Priced from Rs 20 to Rs1500 these come in various shapes and colors. Pichkaris shaped as guns and tanks are most sought by the kids. The water guns with popular cartoon characters like Chhota Bheem, Angry bird and Doraemon are priced higher. No decent pichkari is available below Rs150. The regular gulal is for Rs20 while the scented one is for Rs30 and box of sandal paste is Rs50 a piece. Colorful caps and masks are also much in demand. 

You would also find moulds to make gujia, a traditional Indian sweet made on Holi, priced at Rs 20.  

Noida Diary: Shopping for Holi in Local Shopping Center, Sector 25, Noida
Shopping for Holi at the Local Shopping Center in Sector 25, Noida
Noida Diary: Holi Shopping in the evening at Brahmaputra Market, Noida
Festive Shopping late in the evening at the Brahmaputra Market, Sector 29, Noida

Where to Buy? 

Noida – Atta Market, Indira Market, Brahmaputra Market, Harola, Shopping Centers in various sectors
Greater NoidaJagat Farms, Rampur, Tugalpur, Kasna, Surajpur, Various Sector Markets

Have a great time shopping for Holi!

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