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So much to read, so little time!

There’s a deluge of news-sites on the internet bombarding us with the latest in politics, sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment and world. Lately, increasing number of people have switched to reading news on the browser or on the go using their smartphones and tabs. However, it gets one’s goat to open all the news sites to read and keep track of the latest.Noida Diary: CharchaKaro is a News Reader in English and Indian Languages 
If you’re time-strapped and looking for a news source that will serve up the top news stories from all over the web then CharchaKaro is your answer. 

What is CharchaKaro 

CharchaKaro, a News Reader, automatically curates top news stories from news sites worldwide in a simple minimalistic design making news reading a breeze. This News Reader or the News aggregator through some algorithmic wrangling sources the best news of the day that will interest you.

Although you can’t add your own news channels to this in-browser News Reader, there are good number of leading news sites already on this News aggregator like Firstpost, One India, Indian Express for English and Dainik Jagran for Hindi News feed.

It is a well known fact, access to news on current affairs and a la mode data is of paramount importance in the modern world. General access to news helps the vast majority of population to keep abreast with the different events occurring, both locally and around the globe, that affects their lives.

Generally, all the events that happen does not affect all individuals similarly. News associations too, by and large, do not tailor their news stories for an individual. This is the reason a large portion of the stories that appear on evening News channels are expansive and sifted. The same applies to even the neighborhood daily paper, which divides its pages into various sections, inter alia nearby, national and world news. Furthermore, News related to politics, crime, economy, natural calamities, terrorisms, sports, science and technology, et al is of utmost importance to all as it can impact their lives and livelihoods.

Events happening in a remote area can affect economies and geo-political situations over the long haul. This implies access to this information can help businessmen and traders to better comprehend factors influencing their ventures and prepares them to react to it proactively. Let’s say, a dry season in a remote nation can spike grain prices in different districts due to a demand-supply gap. Similarly, political tides turn extremely fast and may change the course of business policy. An uninformed businessman-trader will be at the receiving end of such an outcome. Hence, the importance of remaining informed and updated through news can not be undermined in modern times.

CharchaKaro helps people remain updated on the latest news in Indian languages including Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu and also in English. CharchaKaro, one of the leading news aggregator, provides a platform where news in English as well as Indian languages is posted, discussed and voted on a regular basis.

People interested to remain updated on the latest news and discussions in English, Hindi, Telugu or Malayalam should sign up on CharchaKaro to get all the latest news of the neighborhood as well as of the world from this online news portal.

CharchaKaro is an online news portal and one of the leading news aggregator where news from around the world as well local news are discussed and posted on regular basis. People from different states of India can get access to news in their mother tongue from this news portal as it posts news in various Indian languages along with English.

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Online news portal CharchaKaro is a news discussion forum where local and news from around the globe are discussed to keep the common man updated.

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