Aklavya- Free Educational Game For Children Gets Better

Aklavya, the free educational video game for children, is getting a facelift with a new level being added to the game. A playable demo version is available for gamers to try their hands and minds on at the official website of Aklavya, and soon this game will have a new level added to it. 

Noida Diary: Aklavya, the educational game for childen 

Aklavya – The Game

Aklavya is a dream, a reverie of fancy! The game is about the journey of a boy named Aklavya and his friend Suchitra. There are other characters too – Rana, Ghodu and Betal. The story travels through various IQ tests including math skills, logical reasoning and grammar. Based loosely on the classic fable of Betal and Vikramaditya, the game has fared exceptionally well with young children. 

Noida Diary: Characters of Aklavya Game 

Even many adults who tried their hands on the game found some math questions tricky and described the game as addictive and entertaining. The game being in Indian and as a group activity make it more interesting for kids. The maker of Aklavya, the educational video game, Vivek Chakraverty said that they intend to fine-tune the graphics of the game to make it more high definition and to bring in other realistic 3D elements into the game. They also aim to add a twist through space-time travel and adventure amongst many other interesting game play tweaks. These interesting new additions are already in process of making and will soon be implemented into the game, to make Aklavya’s journey more interesting.

About The Game and Its Team

Aklavya is an educational video game for kids, which is an endeavor towards the future of game-based education. It aims to engage students constructively in the process of learning. The makers are committed to work towards more creative ways to teach kids. Aklavya is a video game that intends to not only impart knowledge to kids but also keep them willingly involved and interested in learning. Children find it a rewarding experience as they gain new insights as they progress in the game. Winning gives them another high! Aklavya is, in fact, the virtual reality of most of our childhood imaginations. 

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