Watching Movie at PVR Noida – Suicide Squad

Recently, lot of our plans have gone awry. Blame it on rains or school tests, we somehow missed catching up Star Trek Beyond. The long weekend around Independence Day was, however, gainfully utilized watching movie at PVR Noida. We picked week-old release DC flick – Suicide Squad. Movie viewing in Noida has always been a great experience for us.

Noioda Diary: Watching Movie at PVR Noida in DLF Mall of India
Noida has a good number of multiplexes offering great movie watching experience with marginal price differential between them. Spice Cinemas and Wave Cinemas being less pricier options invariably, we have found, than Big TGIP (now Carnival Cinemas). Recently two new multiplexes opened in the city – PVR Superplex at Logix City Center Mall and DT Cinemas at the DLF Mall of India.

The curiosity bug led us to 7-star DT Star Cinemas, our first time there. Well, the world changes swiftly and how. This multiplex turned out to be a PVR property. PVR in some slump sale took over DT Cinemas from DLF which was committed to propping up its balance sheet and debt restructuring.

PVR Cinemas is a swanky international class cineplex on the top floor of DLF Mall of India. This luxurious multiplex with a seating space for 2000 audience has 7 screens and one Dolby Atmos audi outfitted with Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system. It is designed by internationally acclaimed Mesbur and Smith, award-winning boutique firm specializing in entertainment architecture.

The cineplex opens into a huge lounge in L-shape with ample comfortable seating and tastefully done interiors. Every step gives you a feel of unsurpassed luxurious ambience not yet seen in Noida. Our movie was to be screened at Audi No 4, which seemed quite special with its characters displayed in a funky manner. Immediately our thoughts were, perhaps this is the unique audi dedicated to India’s first kids-only movie theater with a specially designed kids candy bar.

Popcorn and snacks kiosk was all stocked up and we were told about the in-movie service available as is common practice these days. We moved to the Audi 4 with our tub of popcorn and soft drink to enjoy the movie.

Noioda Diary: Watching Suicide Squad at PVR Noida in DLF Mall of India

Suicide Squad is an action adventure movie from the DC Comics stable with lots of bad guys and lot of action. The movie, based on anti-hero theme, has a colorful ensemble of badass super villains mouthing very colorful language assembled into a team by Amanda Waller as Taskforce X. This Suicide Squad of meta-humans – Diablo, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Slipknot, Rick Flag and Katana -in exchange of shorter jail time, has to fight the greatest threat to humanity – Enchantress – and save the world. Joker and Batman too appear in cameo roles. Suicide Squad draws a lot of parallels with Marvel’s Avengers albeit with less humor comparatively. But it is entertaining in its own way.

The Audi 4 is a colorful auditorium with cute comfortable plump sofa seats in vibrant colors and fascinating interiors. Even the 3-D glasses were available in different colors. The picture and sound quality are superlative. You can enjoy this by booking online or buying a ticket over the counter. The ticket prices vary on weekdays and weekends. The morning shows are cheaper options and the seats fill fast generally. 

PVR cinemas was delightfully a great experience. The theater was the most sumptuous that we have ever seen. The movie viewing experience, certainly, is set for a new standard of luxury and comfort in Noida.

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