Morning Walk

Kick Start Your Day With a Refreshing Morning Walk Sector 36 Noida

Noida is blessed with greenery. Every residential sector boasts of well maintained parks. The best things the urban planners have given this city is the open green spaces which can be paralleled to lungs of the city. Morning walk is refreshing in the open spaces. It is heartening to see the older generation taking to fitness routine seriously. I see them everyday coming out in the mornings for their daily dose of fitness and fresh air. Some septuagenarians who walk tall with good health (touch wood) are so inspiring as far as the fitness schedule is concerned. After all, however cliched it might sound, “health is wealth”.

Below picture was clicked at the park of sector 36 in Noida. The park itself is huge equaling to roughly a football field and larger than that perhaps. Another section has swings. The jogging track is also well laid. Scores of people come early morning for a Yoga class that is offered here free of cost by Yoga Sansthan.

Morning Walk in Noida Parks

morning walk


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