Noida Traffic Police Launches Whatsapp Helpline Number

Noida Traffic Police has launched a dedicated WhatsApp Helpline Number – 7065100100 – much to the relief of Noida commuters. This is a positive step forward in the direction of reducing chaos on the roads and addressing the traffic issues in a pro-active manner. Now citizens and commuters can post comments, complaints and suggestions in the form of brief text, pictures and audio clips for bringing improvements in traffic management of the twin cities in order to enhance road safety.

Noida Traffic Police Launched WhatsApp Helpline

Noida Traffic Police has already leveraged the social media to the benefit of commuters. They have a functional Facebook page with over 3000 followers where traffic updates are posted regularly. But the reach of facebook is limited among Noidaites. Therefore, WhatsApp Helpline being user-friendly with a larger reach and 24X7 availability is expected to improve traffic conditions in Noida more effectively. This initiative of using social media networking will certainly improve connectivity between people and traffic police leading to better road safety. The first day of the launch saw flooding of helpline with around 300 messages.

WhatsApp Helpline Number Launched by Noida Trafffic Police

So if there’s a red-light jump, defunct signal, unauthorized parking, or any other traffic violation complaints, just pick up your phone and WhatsApp the details to Noida Traffic Police and they will provide immediate assistance.

Traffic Police also has an emergency helpline number 1073 to facilitate immediate assistance to commuters.

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13 thoughts on “Noida Traffic Police Launches Whatsapp Helpline Number

  1. The whatsapp initiative by Noida police was a good one but the service is now closed. No response to messages comes, the messages show 'delivered sign' but not 'checked' sign.

  2. The whatsapp initiative by Noida police was a good one but the service is now closed. No response to messages comes, the messages show 'delivered sign' but not 'checked' sign.

  3. I had posted one message yesterday on WhatsApp but so far it has not been received by anyone. It is regarding parking of vehicles by khaitan school on footpath inside sector 40 Noida . Hope an action will be taken soon to challan the vehicles or tow awat.
    Mohinder Singh

  4. Yes, it is very good initiative from Noida Traffic Police. Considering it as a helpful way of communicating to Noida Traffic Police, I sent 2 complains with video also on 23rd Feb, 2017 BUT till now there is no action taken on those issues. Below were the complains:
    1. Heavy Traffic jam on Gaur Chowk every day specially in peak time. There should be Red Light option or Traffic police should be available on the spot.
    2. A Red Light is not working from past 1 MONTH at Surajpur Kasna Road, Greater Noida very near to Police Chauki. There are many accidents that has happened at this junction.

  5. Noida Sector 62: 04.12.2017
    -Main road converted to Parking and huge market.
    – In front of Galaxy Bussiness Park, CSC office on Paramahansa Yogananda Marg.
    2 lanes covered by illegal patking, balance 2 lanes by Hawkers , eatery stall and there set up like market.In the evening there is traffic jam and people suffer with this illegal setup.Police should take action urgently.
    Anil Singh

  6. P Dilip Kumar Subudhi

    - Edit


    I have just sent a whatsap message to 7065100100 giving my observations on the cause of traffic chaos in Noida for that matter any City in India baring few places like Vizag and Hyderabad where traffic is mainly controlled by CCTV and issue of challans. People there are scared to violate traffic rules. This is my personal experience. Here in Noida, it is free for all.
    Poor traffic police seema helpless most of the time. There is no sanctity of zebra crossing. The markings are hardly visible. People choke the junctions by crossing the zebra line and reducing the cross section for smooth movement of vehicles which is compounded with movement of vehicles even after red light is on.

    Major nuisance is by Autorickshaws and Battery rickshaws. Yesterday i had witnessed a serous jam neat sector 61 underpass because the traffic from left and straight coming together resulting into very slow movement of vehicles. Had it been allowed one after another, the chaos would have been avoided.

    The Autorickshaws near City Centre underpass towards Sectror 50 market are a perennial source of traffic jam as they block half the road and if you tell them they shout at you.

    I would be obliged if given a chance to meet the concerned officials in person and explain the situation and suggestions. I am sure most of the traffic chaos are avoidable if traffic police are empowered and properly trained technically and they forgo their leniency.

    Thanks and regards

    P Dilip Kumar Subudhi


  7. Noida commute are not following traffic signals proactively, which causes accidents, so there must be fine /penalties against this, so that people could strongly follow the traffic signal..

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