Virtual Summer Garden Competition by FSN

The first ever virtual summer garden competition by FSN will take place in June 2022.

Clearly, the work-from-home culture spawned during pandemic lockdowns resulted in us spending more time at home than usual. This has led many of us to appreciate our gardens & green spaces and indulge in some green fingered talents. Now is the time to show off your hard work and love you have put in your gardens.

Floriculture Society of Noida (FSN) brings an opportunity for proud green thumbs to display your hard work and horticultural brilliance in the Virtual Summer Garden Competition.

The competition is open to all residents of Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad.

Noida/ Greater Noida categories for Individuals

Residential Gardens – Large, Medium, Small, Mini. Balconies above 10 sq ft and below 10 sq ft. Terraces ( Large, Medium and Small). Roadside garden, Green belt and Community garden – all maintained by an individual. (Entry Fee Rs200)

Other categories for Noida/Greater Noida

Sector/ Ward Park. Residential Society garden. Roadside garden maintained by a Residential Society. (Entry Fee Rs500)

Categories for Residents of Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad

Residential – Large garden, Medium, Small, Mini. Balcony upto 10 sq ft Balcony above 10 sq ft. Terrace Garden(large, medium & small). (Entry Fee Rs200)

Closing date for entries for the Online Summer Garden Competition will be June 19.

Judging will take place between 25 and 30 June 2022. Judging will be done on WhatsApp video call. Participants need to send 6 photos and 1 minute video. Judging will be based on – Blending of the element in your garden, Varieties of plants, and Disease-free and health of plants.

All entries need to be completed online. You are welcome to enter more than one category. Interested residents can get in touch with FSN . Participation fees payment per entry to be made via Paytm 9318459712

Source: Floriculture Society of Noida

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