Pokémon Go Mania Grips Kids of Noida

A record number of mobile handsets were confiscated at the schools in Noida this week. Students are bringing their cellphones to school to capture Pokémon. Yes, you read it right – POKEMON – those tiny cute creatures that your kids watched on Cartoon Network are now roaming around in your city. Pokémon short for Pocket Monster is the talk of the town. Kids are going crazy over the new Pokémon sensation – Pokémon Go!

Noida Diary: Pokémon Go Mania Grips Kids of Noida
What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play android and iOS downloadable game by Nintendo that has taken the world by storm. Pokémon Go is the number one game right now – the most downloaded and the top-grosser. It has beaten the records set by Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga.

It was released in US, Australia and New Zealand on July 06 and launched in Germany on July 13 and in UK on July14. Although it is not yet officially launched in India but kids are downloading the Pokémon Go APK version to catch and collect their Pokémon.You can download APK here.

It is also available on Bluestacks…the app that lets you play your favorite Clash of Clans and Clash Royale on desktop. Wonder how could you possibly play Pokémon Go on desktop/laptop??!

What is so special about this Game?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, that mixes real world elements with the game. The game uses your smartphone’s GPS and camera to capture a variety of Pokémon creatures. You have to go search for these Pokémon and capture them. It has been noticed these Pokémon appear at public places. Few of them have been caught at the Shaheed Smarak Park. The water type Pokémon have been sighted and captured near Yamuna Bank. 

Pokémon Go has gyms to fight gym leaders and PokéStops are the hubs for players to meet in real-world locations. You can buy, with real money, items to lure Pokémon to these stops; that’s how Niantic, the game’s developer, makes money. Brahmaputra market is one of the Pokéstops discovered in Noida.

Noida Diary: Pokémon Go Mania Grips Kids of Noida

What you need to do?

Good network connectivity is what is essential to play this game. It might turn out to be an issue as the game requires one to move around out in the open to capture Pokémon. Be watchful of the traffic, the pits in the road and those deadly manholes left uncovered. You can capture Pokémon while sitting in car as well – aim and tap the phone – it is that simple!

What is your experience of playing Pokémon in Noida? How many Pokéstops and Gyms have you discovered? Share with us your discoveries and experience in the comments section.

Go Catch’em All!!

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PS: The inputs provided by kids in the neighborhood who are active gamers
Image Sourced from TechChrunch

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12 thoughts on “Pokémon Go Mania Grips Kids of Noida

  1. Thanks for the update..I am living in Sector 77 and it is filled with Pokémon and very easy to grab since most of them can be found in and around Antariksh Kanball 3g and Prateek Wisteria.

  2. Glad to know this Prashant 🙂 I have found many youngsters in Sector 36 park and Shaheed Samarak with their cell phones busy catching the Pokémon. This game is, undoubtedly, addictive. Happy catching'em all!

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