KidZania Safe for Your Children

KidZania is your go to place when it comes to having fun for your kids. It so seamlessly combines learning and fun that kids never get enough of it. Think of it… kids having fun sans their gadgets and rides. Isn’t it amazing!

Precisely for being kid-friendly and unique in its offering as an edutainment theme park we have made several trips to KidZania. It has more than 18 years of experience under its belt in running safe and secure edutainment Theme parks for children and families all around the world. KidZania is the leading Global Edutainment Brand With 24 facilities in 19 countries spread across Americas, Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East and Asia.

Child-safety measures are integrated into the planning and building of all KidZania facilities to ensure that the operation, safety, and experience of KidZania are in line with the highest global standards.

KidZania is making sure fun is SAFE, educational and rewarding. Recent spate of crimes against children have jolted everyone to the core. Parents today have concerns over safety of their kids. At KidZania children’s’ safety is of utmost importance. They have a Safety and Security Policy in place to ‘keep your kids safe while they are having fun’.


KidZania India: Safety & Security Policy

Safety and Security at KidZania India

KidZania ensures the activities are safe, educational and rewarding. KidZania is an indoor, temperature controlled place with high quality air monitoring and filtration systems. The safety of each one of the visitors is a fundamental aspect at KidZania. They have developed a state-of- the-art, comprehensive and integrated security system at KidZania that encompasses:

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Controlled Access

The sense of security begins with the check-in and the RFID bracelets. All entry and exit points are access controlled and manned by KidZania security personnel. A team of professional and highly trained guards are available in various parts of the city, including: entrance, emergency exit and strategic places. There is also a safety and security officer onsite at all times to ensure safety in KidZania.

KidZania India: Safety & Security Policy

RFID Security Bracelets

KidZania India: Safety & Security Policy

Visitors receive a bracelet to wear around their wrist with a radio frequency antenna and an identification chip installed. The bracelet can only be removed by KidZania staff with parental or guardian authorization through a specialized system at the end of their visit. The RFID bracelet helps parents and teachers to track and locate each kid inside KidZania and drop messages for them, as well. The RFID security bracelets are assigned in groups as they come in, so a child cannot exit KidZania if an adult or the whole party is not present. This safety aspect ensures schools and parents, that their children are safe at all times.

Highly Trained Team

KidZania Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the safety of children at KidZania. All Supervisors undergo an intensive and extensive training program, including early childhood training that helps them know how to handle a child in different situations. Supervisors at KidZania undergo specific training courses such as early childhood training, general health and safety at work, and various other safety-related topics.

KidZania India: Safety & Security Policy

KidZania India : Safety & Security Policy

CCTV cameras

The complete facility is monitored by several hundred CCTV cameras, which are placed in strategic locations across the center and linked to the Building Management System for the safety and security of visitors. They also have a video recording system for future reference. Additionally, all establishments at KidZania are built in a way that parents and teachers get to observe the children participating in the various activities within the establishment via glass walling. It is very reassuring to see your kids having fun in a safe environment.

First-Aid Center

KidZania has a dedicated, fully qualified first aid center inside the city. In addition, key frontline employees are trained in the provision of first-aid and carry basic medical kits with them at all times.

KidZania India: Safety & Security Policy

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Additional SAFETY and SECURITY considerations:

  • Every KidZania is designed to conform or exceed — local and international Safety and Security regulations.
  • KidZania has stringent manuals regarding Safety and Security to ensure that visitor, staff or supplier is safe and secure at all times whilst in KidZania, and that all precautions have been considered related to emergency situations in terms of Facility design.
  • From the design stage, CCTV system is centralized and controlled from a secured Control Room, in which all signals from CCTV cameras, Public address system, fire alarms and access/exits are controlled.
  • Restrooms: Internal elements of the restrooms help to be aware of safety aspects. One of these is the height of the toilets partition, which must allow to see if no more than one person is inside. Though CCTV coverage cannot be considered within toilets, every toilet is fixed with one at the entry and exit to determine who has used the facility and at what time.

Our recent trip to KidZania was in July with my son and his cousins. Each had their story to tell after the visit. The youngest member who is just seven could not stop raving about her car ride and the Driving License she won after a driving test. She was beaming with a sense of achievement. The bigger kids had fun doing adventure activities like climbing as well as earning some bucks at the courier services store. But at all times they were supervised by KidZania staff strapping the safety harnesses and chatting with them before each session to make them comfortable.


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