Fun Summer Camps in Noida | 2016

Kids are counting down the days until summer break. They just can’t wait to be away from books, tests, school and grab those gadgets iPads, TV, PCs, PlayStation and what not. Parents’ too, perhaps, wondering how to keep them away from idiot box and gadgets. Don’t just press the panic button yet. We bring you a list of some engaging fun summer camps in Noida cherry-picked by us where kids can learn and have fun! 

Noida Diary: Fun Summer Camps for Kids in Noida | 2016 
1. Pottery Workshop by Claying Thoughts
2. Experiential Learning by NYS
3. Learn, make and Fly Your drones by Technomentis
4. Acting Up – Theater Workshop by Annu Mehta
5. Once Upon a Time – Story Telling Camp
6. Tickle Your Brain Cells at Brainasium
7. Brain Box Quiz 
8. Learn Golf Like a Pro

Noida Diary: Pottery Workshop by Claying Thoughts

1. Some Clay Fun…Are you Game?!

Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio will teach the children clay art using handbuilding techniques. No potter’s wheel will be used. Instead kids can get dirty and have fun learning the art of making fun clay objects simply with magical fingers, toothpick, sponge and a belan. Kids will work with wet natural terracotta clay to turn their ideas into reality. They will have fun making 2D and 3D clay projects.

Claying Thoughts will conduct weekly workshops with a new theme everyday so you can enroll for more batches during the summer holidays. Junior batch for children in 5-8yrs age-group will have classes on Week I, III and V starting May 30. While Senior Batch for kids in 8-14yrs bracket will have workshop on Week II and IV. Only six students per batch would be enrolled for focused learning and one-to-one interaction. Pre-booking mandatory for a confirmed seat. 

Carry a box or a bag to take your masterpieces back with you. Clay and tools would be provided by the studio. You are required to bring your set of water paints, brush and a rough cloth to wipe your hands. Also trim your nails and wear comfortable clothes. 

Age Group: 5-8 yrs| 8-14 yrs
Where: Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio, A -84, Jal Vayu Vihar, Sector 21, Noida
When: May 30 – July 01, 2016 | 10.30am – 12.00pm 
Cost: INR 1800/-
Contact: Ms Pooja Verma | 9971968689
Facebook: Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio
Activities: Clay modelling, pottery workshop, create clay pieces and color them, learn making pattern and textures on clay surface

Noida Diary: Experiential Learning by NYS

2. Experiential Learning at NYS

Nurturing Young Seeds will conduct a summer workshop on experiential learning in Film City. Participants will explore various creative fields of film making, architecture, journalism, advertising, fashion designing. Aimed at academic enrichment through activities, competitions and counseling with a focus on developing communication skills, creative thinking and writing, film making, story writing, storytelling, theater.  This one is sure gonna be rocking!

Age Group: 13-20 yrs
Where: Film City, Sector 16A, Noida
When: May 11- 27, 2016 | 9am – 5pm  
Last Date for Registration: May 09, 2016  
Cost: INR 6500/- 
Contact: 9711132049, 9654694745 
Facebook: Nurturing Young Seeds
Activities: Idea conception, story writing, storytelling, theater, competitions and counseling

Noida Diary: Learn, make and Fly Your drones by Technomentis

3. Learn, Make and Fly Your Drones!

Technomentis is holding a four week Young Innovators Camp at Ramagya School where you can learn fun science, aeromodelling and game design. At the end of 45 hours program with 5 takeaway kits and 10 hands on projects you can create your own drones, gliders, cars, levitating objects, anti-theft alarms and more. The fee stated is inclusive of materials, kits and manuals. Have loads of fun with team challenges!

Age Group: 9-15 yrs
Where: Ramagya School, E-7, Sector 50, Noida
When: May 18 – June 17, 2016 | 9am – 1pm  
Last Date for Registration: May 15, 2016
Cost: INR 5000/- 
Contact: 9958446983, 9810333555
Facebook: Technomentis | Ramagya School | Camp
Activities: Aeromodelling, robotics, fun science experiments

Noida Diary: Acting Up - Theater Workshop by Annu Mehta

4. Acting Up – A Theater Workshop   

Ravi’s Noddy School is conducting a theater workshop by Anu Mehta where kids will learn basic acting skills and learn to improve their stage performance. 

Age Group: 6-12 yrs
Where: Ravi’s Noddy School, A56/1, Sector 50, Noida
When: May 16 – June 03, 2016 | 11am  
Last Date for Registration: May 15, 2016 
Contact: 9873607073, 8800194007
Facebook: Ravis Noddy School | Children’s Theter by Annu Mehta
Activities: Theater, acting skills

Noida Diary:Once Upon a Time - Story Telling Camp 
5. Once Upon a Time…and the story goes on

Join an interactive storytelling workshop where children not only share a love of language and literature, but are actively encouraged to develop their own storytelling talents!

Age Group: 2.5-9 yrs
Where: Once Upon a Time Center, E-86, Sector 39, Noida
When: May 21 – June 22, 2016 | 11.30am – 1.45pm 
Last Date for Registration: May 20, 2016  
Cost: INR750/- per class
Contact: Ms Sonia Munjral | 9873787993, 9999368991
Facebook: Once Upon a Time – Story Telling and Activity Center
Activities: Oral storytelling, Drama, Art and Craft, Creative Thinking and Performance Skills

Noida Diary: Tickle Your Brain Cells at Brainasium

6. Tickle Your Brain Cells at Brainasium!

Studio Dance Stance has especially designed brain gym activities to enhance concentration, thinking ability, creativity, sharpness, memory and lot more through various integrated activities. There will be morning and evening batches while weekends will be off.

Age Group: 5-15 yrs
Where: Studio Dance Stance, Sector 35, Noida
When: May 30 – June 14, 2016 | 10.30am – 12pm | 4.30-6pm
Cost: INR 2400/- 
Contact: 9811685995
Facebook: Studio Dance Stance
Activities: Music sessions, storytelling, yoga, group activities, worksheets 

Noida Diary: Brain Box Quiz

7. Quizzers. Accept the Challenge!

Brain Box Quiz are custom designed covering various topics on current affairs, vocabulary, maths, animals, birds, inventions and discoveries will throw a challenge to all. Be part of it and learn interesting facts, enhance IQ and have loads of fun. Accept the challenge and win rewards and certificates too!

Age Group: 8-10 yrs
Where: Once Upon a Time Center, E-86, Sector 39, Noida
When: May 23 – June 22, 2016 | 3pm – 4pm 
Last Date for Registration: May 20, 2016  
Cost: INR450/- per class | INR4500/- for full package of 14 classes
Contact: Ms Sonia Munjral | 9873787993, 9999368991
Facebook: Once Upon a Time – Story Telling and Activity Center
Activities: Quiz 

Noida Diary: Learn Golf Like a Pro

8. Learn Golf like a Pro

IGPN will provide golf program with contemporary technology to assist development of a player to achieve his full potential. The two hour daily program with half an hour fitness schedule will cover –

  • Golf Instruction Use of the latest methodologies by lead Golf Coaches around the globe.
  • Golf Custom Club Fitting/Analysis Integration of cutting edge technology for club fitting which is customized for each player, this is done by constant monitoring of equipment performance through feedback.
  • Golf Fitness Assessment and development of a personalized fitness program to complement our effort to make our players more agile and athletically suitable for the game of golf.    

Age Group: 6-18 yrs
Where: Jaypee Greens Golf Course, Greater Noida
When: May 24-31, 2016 | June 28- July 05, 2016
Last Date for Registration: May 20, 2016  
Cost: INR7000/-
Contact: 8826713120
Facebook: Golf Fitness Center | IGPN
Activities: Golf

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