Paid Vaccination Camp at Community Center Sector 36, Noida

A paid vaccination camp was held at Community Center of sector 36 in Noida. This came as a relief to residents finding it difficult to book their slots at government centers amidst vaccine shortages after the vaccination drive was expanded to all adults. Nearly 200 people under the 18-45 years age group were inoculated with their first dose of Covishield.

The camp was open to 45 plus age bracket as well for their first or second dose. RWAs took the opportunity to get this society staff registered. Also some residents got their domestic helps and support staff vaccinated at the camp. Each beneficiary had to pay ₹1,050 for the shot and service.

Noida Diary : Paid Vaccination Camp at Community Center Sector 36, Noida

Simple and Efficient Process at Noida Vaccination Camp

Residents had to register on the Co-Win portal, make online payment to Fortis, submit details to their RWA who in turn forwarded it to the hospital. The health care staff, equipment and an ambulance were provided by the hospital.

Although the drive was expected to be carried out in batches of 5-10 at a time, however, there was a queue. The organizing staff made sure the waiting residents were taken good care of by providing seating, bottled water and juice packs. Safety protocols for social distancing were also followed diligently. Prior to taking the jab registered entries were verified, blood pressure was checked for every vax recipient.

Noida Diary : Paid Noida Vaccination Camp for residents by RWAs in association with Fortis Noida

RWAs, FONRWA and Fortis came together for the Noida Vaccination Drive

This Noida vaccination camp was made a success by the ardent efforts of local RWA teams of sector 31, sector 36 and Federation of Noida Residents’ Welfare Association (FONRWA) in collaboration with Fortis Hospital in sector 62 Noida. The Noida Vaccination camp was visited by the sitting MLA Pankaj Singh and former Union Minister and Member of Parliament Dr Mahesh Sharma. Later corona warriors of Fortis Noida were presented with potted plants and rose stalks in appreciation of their efforts.

“Fortis Noida is holding camps in Cherry County, Cleo County, Supertech Cape Town, Jaypee Greens, Mahagun Moderne, Aravali Apartments, Mahagun Maywoods, Gaur Atulyam, and Gaur City this month and the first week of June. People will be vaccinated with Covishield. Presently, we are planning to vaccinate about 700 people daily through this drive itself and we are aiming to vaccinate more and more people in the coming days.”

Fortis Hospital’s zonal director Hardeep Singh was quoted in Hindustan Times

“Health ministry guidelines are very clear for vaccination sites and if the requisite conditions are met, such camps by residential bodies are encouraged”

District magistrate Suhas LY was quoted in Hindustan Times

Team RWA lauded by Residents

Notable members of RWAs Brig Virender Bhatt, Chetan Pratap and Anita Singh from sector 31, J P Uppal, RWA President sector 36 were lauded by the residents for their efforts. Appreciation poured in for the RWA team members involved with the drive on the dedicated RWA WhatsApp group,

“Meticulous planning by r w a for the vaccination drive congratulations job well done shows that you really care for the Welfare of the residents”.

Another wrote, “Chetan, the entire exercise today was brilliantly efficient and godsent! Thanks a ton and again brilliant job.”

A resident commented “Thanks to RWA team for organising this vaccination drive for residents, in these difficult times the team has done very brilliant works”

Noida Diary : Brig Bhatt, President, RWA sector 31 A block  helping with blood pressure checks of the residents prior to getting vaccinated
Noida Diary : Brig Bhatt, President, RWA sector 31 A block lending a hand with blood pressure checks of the residents prior their vaccination Pic taken from RWA WhatsApp group

Recently a Covid Emergency Cell was established at sector 31 A Block which has oxygen concentrators besides other necessary medical supplies and medicines for the residents. The paid vaccination camp was organized on May 27, 2021.

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