Best Time to Visit Noida

You can visit Noida all year round as it has something or the other to offer for every season and every reason. Weather-wise Noida is a similitude of our national capital Delhi with scorching summers and cold harsh winters. If you plan on to stay in Noida for a while then October through March turn out to be the best months offering pleasant weather. However, lately poor air quality is a common concern at this time of the year.

Summers are extremely hot during April-June period. The high temperatures can be a dampener of your spirits. It can be a little uncomfortable for any outdoorsy hangout plans unless you choose the fun rides at WoW Waterpark . You can, alternatively, choose indoor activities at Glued or Smaaash, go to bowling alleys, or else enjoy skiing at snow mastiii.

Monsoon generally starts from July and may extend till late in September. Rain-washed lush greenery and cooled down temperatures are a welcome breather. But wet and sultry weather will again limit your outdoor activities.

Winters with cold waves from the Himalayan region makes the weather very frosty and chilly. Noida’s pubs and restaurants will certainly offer solace from the weather outside. You can acquaint yourself more on the fun things to do in Noida – An Entertainment Destination City of India. You can also add attractions in Delhi and Gurgaon to your itinerary when you travel to Noida. .

Ideally, you can plan a trip to Noida around October to November, February or March when maximum temperature range from 21 to 33 degree Celsius and minimum temperatures can hover in 8 to 19 degree Celsius band. Avoid December-January if you can as the dense fog at this time of the year may put your travel plans in jeopardy.

Noida weather at a glance

Hottest month in Noida: June | Coldest month in Noida: January | Wettest month in Noida: July-August

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 47°F to 103°F (7°C-39°C) and is rarely below 42°F or above 110°F (extreme temperature falls in the range of 5°C to 43°C).


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