Killer Summer Heat? Find Relief at Snow Mastiii

Designed to integrate a natural terrain, Snow Mastiii allows creativity and fun for all ages and abilities! 

Noida Diary : Snow Mastiii Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida A snow theme park in Delhi NCR

Feeling the heat? With temperatures climbing up all over the world, everyone is feeling the gruesome effects of global warming. From the North Pole to the South Pole, the signs of our melting glaciers and sea ice are everywhere. While little could be done on a collective level, Snow Mastiii here with an appealing and feasible solution to find relief from unbearable heat waves, the snow park is designed to effectively counter the notable warming trend across central and northern India.

If you live in Noida or Delhi NCR then this is exactly for you – something that will not just calm but literally cool down your mind and body! Stationed in Grand Venice Mall, Snow Mastiii offers one of its kind amusement and leisure as it comes to your rescue in the form of an escape from the city’s humidity. It indeed is a splendid place to spend a family weekend at a reasonable price.

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Built across an area of 10,000 sq. ft with a height of 28 ft, our indoor Snow Play area – Snow Mastiii is a surreal land crafted with real snow which features a wide range of rides where one can enjoy getting into snowball fights, slide down frozen slopes in rafts, explore snowy terrains, climb snowy mountains at a sub-zero temperature or just sit and relax while sipping a hot coffee in a climate resembling a snow wonderland.

With its expansive structure and surreal snow covering, Snow Mastiii is all set to enthral the snow enthusiasts who can at the very least simply enjoy a leisure stroll across the park feeling rejuvenated, excited, lost, and alive – brilliantly both. This Modern offered, family-friendly snow playground, Snow Mastiii, has a freestyle frozen fun space for everyone.

Other USPs of Snow Mastiii

  • Whole technology is made in India
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Available 365 days
  • In the convenience of a mall
  • Full-day passes available

Ticket price is ₹ 900/- per person which includes all snow gear and accessories except socks. Kids and pregnant ladies must be accompanied by an adult. Kids till 3 years can enter free when accompanied by an adult by just paying the costume charges at the counter. 

Noida Diary : Snow Mastiii Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida A snow theme park in Delhi NCR

What: Snow Mastiii
Where: 2nd Floor, Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida
Timings: 11 am till 9 pm all days
Ticket Price: ₹ 900 per person for 1 hour snow time
Phone: +91 9582370800

Image Source: Facebook Page of Mastiii Zone (Snow Mastiii, Greater Noida)

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