Green Noida – Van Mahotsav 2015

‘Green Noida’ drive has been launched in Noida with a pledge to increase the green cover in the city. The district administration as part of this drive will plant one lakh trees on July 04, 2015 to mark the occasion. Every year the first week of July is observed as ‘Van Mahotsav 2015 – festival of tree planting’ across India. This festival was started by Union Ministry for Agriculture in 1950.

Van Mahotsav 2015

The UP Forest department has set targets for tree planting in the state by various zones. Gautam Buddh Nagar has a target of  nearly 4.4 lakh trees to be planted for the year 2015-16. The aim is to increase the forest and tree cover of the state to one third as envisaged in the National Forest Policy 1988 and the State Forest Policy 1998. The present green cover of the Uttar Pradesh is merely 21, 244 Sq Km which is a dismal 8.82 percent of the total land area of the state. The tree planting drive will be part of the Van Mahotsav 2015 to be celebrated in the first week of July.

This time around the Forest Department has selected indigenous varieties of trees like Parijat, Kadamb, Sita Ashok, Tamaal, Maulshree, Ttulsi, Harsingar, Banyan and Peepal for plantation across the state depending on soil and weather conditions instead of the usual ornamental plants and shrubs.The chosen tree varieties finda a mention in the folklore and have huge environmental and medicinal significance as well.

Schools, Colleges, government offices, residential societies, real estate developers, industrialists, corporates and NGOs of Noida will take part in this Green Noida drive. This is estimated to increase the green cover of the city by 25 acres.

Lets all pledge to plant a sapling and nurture it to a tree!

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17 thoughts on “Green Noida – Van Mahotsav 2015

  1. Indeed…reforestation is a big way of restoring balance in nature. But I wonder how many plants are nurtured till maturity in such drives. These tree plantation drives take place every year. Only if the planted sapling is taken care of till it can survive on its own..then only such a drive will bear the results intended. Hope people are taking note of this aspect.

  2. Ravish we have been flooded with so many scams lately that we are wary of each and every govt initiative. This is a very natural response in the face of trust deficit that has cropped up due to wrong doings of so many …I hope not there is any underlying corruption of thought and action happening behind the veil of green initiatives. But we have come across certain complaints by the residents and industrialist about lack of full support in implementation of this 'Green Noida' drive from the concerned depts. Some of the industrialists who participated in this green initiative have complained about non availability of tree guards due to which the plants could not be transplanted. The pits that were dug out lie empty and are filled with rain water. This has led to mosquito breeding which is a big health hazard. So we just hope the authority helps and supports such initiative till its completion. This will inspire residents to come forward and support govt intiatives in future as well.

  3. Always good to see tree plantation drives, I do hope that the trees survive and they need new holes to plant trees next year. Mostly same place they plant trees as last year as the earlier trees die due to neglect

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