Power Cut in Noida

A Quick Recap and Update  The current power demand for Noida is 800-1000MW. The power supply to the city was disrupted after a heavy storm on Monday June 23, 2015.

Re-installation of fallen tower in Noida

The cause of Power Cut: A tower in sector 129 fell down disrupting the link between 220kV substation there and 400kV Pali substaion. which supplies power to entire Noida. Read about it here

The worst affected areas: Sectors 83, 84  and 108, Noida Expressway, Dadri and Surajpur. Industrial sectors faced 12-13 hour power cut.

Now: The transmission department had fixed the disrupted link temporarily by Thursday so as to restore power supply to the city. The re-installation of the tower will be undertaken on Sunday June 28, 2015. UPPTCL (Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd) has decided to cut power supply from sector 129 substation completely from 4am to 6pm on Sunday for the reinstalling work.

If the weather conditions permit the work would be completed by Sunday evening otherwise it may extend to Monday (another 8hrs of power cut estimated). The power supply could be affected on Sunday, but residential sectors would be provided electric supply temporarily from Sector 20 substation by PVVNL (Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd). The industries would be closed on Sunday relieving the demand pressure on power supply in Noida. Industries consume 200-300mVA of power daily.

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17 thoughts on “Power Cut in Noida

  1. India is a power deficit country…same story everywhere…hmm…I am sure with better governmental policies focusing on power and infra development we shall overcome this. I am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  2. God bless you Prasanna for writing three comments on this post 🙂 Thanks so much and ya we too wish that we are relieved of these power pangs very soon hopefully. Though the discom is doing its best to restore power supply in Noida and making alternate arrangements for residential sectors, rostering is inevitable. We had power supply the whole morning but now facing a cut. Hope the normal supply resumes soon. Fingers crossed again 🙂

  3. Thank you 🙂 Ya …alternative energy is the need of the day. Solar panels have been installed in many a overnmaent places and also the traffic signals are powered by it in Noida

  4. Even Bangalore has entered in this race Bushra as we are experiencing power cuts though nothing in comparison to Noida-Ghaziabad . Everywhere in India its worsening day by day.

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    Harassment, Corruption, Over-charging and Arm-twisting by Noida RWAs
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    Dear Sir,

    Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) are meant for a purpose but we see most of them working for individual's interest of management body members – even at the cost of society funds and welfare of members. It is such an irony that these office bearers of RWAs are otherwise common people and complain of corruption in government and public sector offices all the time. Yet they do the same within their means and reach.

    I am requesting your attention to RWA of Krishna Apra Residency (Plot: E-8, Sector-61, NOIDA) – a group housing society, is taking a number of illegal decisions and exhorting money from residents. Most residents are busy in their work / offices and find little time to intervene. Given this scenario, RWA has started making structural changes in the society (in public / common space) such as a new gate for the society, changes in individual buildings, parking spaces etc. None of these are based on consent of the residents but through nexus of management of RWA. They are using these projects to exhort more money from residents as well as siphon off money through civil and maintenance work. Unfortunately most residents are silent and paying instead of acting against these corrupt practices, which only motivates the RWA management to be bolder in their corrupt work.

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