Berger Express Painting Solutions for Your Home

Getting your house painted is as painful as getting your tooth pulled out. Right?! Well no. NOW painting your home is no longer a pain. Don’t you believe it…try Berger Express Painting solutions.  Berger Paints are innovation leaders in the painting space in India. They have come up with the hassle-free, faster and cleaner innovative Berger Express Painting service. Yes! Hassle Free Painting at No Extra Cost!

We came across #BergerXP solutions during a bloggers meet organized by Indibloggers in association with Berger Paints India. The educating, informative and fun meet gave insights into painting solutions. And believe me you we have badgered and bombarded the Berger Paints’ team with all the queries that make painting job such a pain. Not to forget the seepage problems omnipresent in Indian homes and specifically Noida. After all bringing well authenticated information to readers is our motto at Noida Diary.  Team Berger obliged us very patiently with all honest answers and introduced us to Berger Express Painting solutions.

Noida Diary: #BergerXP Idimeet at Taj Vivanta, New Delhi

Berger Express Painting solutions

Painting the home, generally, is a very time consuming process. The dusty homes during and after the paint job brings with it health problems. This all changes with Berger Express Painting Services. Berger Paints India employ trained professionals to get you a world class painting experience minus the dust, dirt and paint spillage with excellent finish. They use automated tools that makes the painting service faster by 40 percent than the traditional way at no additional cost.

The upgrade in the painting process is a win-win situation for the applicator (your painter/contractor) as well. He gains more business by reducing the time required for each painting assignment and better quality deliverance. Berger trains people at their academy and thereby contributing to Skilling India movement as well.

In a nutshell, the interaction with Team Berger Paints could be summarized with these pointers that Berger Express Painting solutions are

  • 40 percent faster than traditional painting!
  • Trained painters for efficient and better painting
  • Get sparkling results with our no-mess tools!
  • Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep your house dust-free!
  • Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time!
  • Certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency!
  • All these benefits and more offered at no additional cost!

Berger has a countrywide distribution network of 25,000+ dealers and 110 stock points with a vibrant portfolio of paints and tailor-made customer services in every paint segment. So if you are looking for hassle free home painting services, then look no further. You will love the Berger Express Painting Services. “Faster, Cleaner and Better”.

#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet – New Delhi

The Indiblogger meet was not just gyan, it was fun too. The best part of the Indimeets has always been reconnecting with blogger buddies, the fun activities and the gift and goodies 🙂

Indimeet was organized at the plush hotel Vivanta by Taj in Dwarka, New Delhi. The Tango 2&3 lounge was taken up for the fun that was to begin starting with a sumptuous lunch and interspersed with high tea. Post the interaction session with Berger Team, we were divided in six teams. Mine was Team no 1 and we called it Surgical Strike….he he!

Poonam Khanduja, Anmol Rawat, Tarun Singh, Ravi Dhingra, Tushar Mangl, Manish, Gaurab Mukherjee and moi were the eight musketeers tasked to scrub a board with sand paper. Phew! That was pretty hard labor. With our masks and gloves on the surgical strike was carried out to perfection. Well..almost 😉  This activity helped us understand the quality value and time savings by using automatic tools. That’s what Berger Express Painting services do.

Later we had to paint on the theme ‘Delhi Diaries’. The Berger peeps gave a demo on how to use the color and the importance of proportions to get that perfect shade. Ours was an awesome team that churned out a masterpiece ^_^ …and came a close second in the competition..hmm. Gaurab was the master artist and Ravi Dhingra, Tushar, Tarun and Manish made an awesome palette for our masterpiece. Anmol, me, Poonam and all of us together helped in completing the painting. This whole activity was a lot of fun.

Demonstration of Painting Tools

This was followed by a demonstration of painting tools by Berger Paints India Team. Sanding machine for that even, smooth surface, Airless paint sprayer, multipurpose mixer and high pressure washer After the scrubbing activity and this demo I will surely say – “With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, painting will now be an enjoyable experience.”

Noida Diary: Berger Express Painting Solutions
Q&A session at #BergerXP Indimeet



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8 thoughts on “Berger Express Painting Solutions for Your Home

  1. Is it more expensive than our local painters? I have seen ad of these professionals using paint tank. While they remove existing coat, they can also spray paint the wall. Looks impressive, may be fast, but I have my doubts about cost.

    1. As the Berger team explained this method turns out to be reasonably equally priced like the traditional painters if not cheaper than them. They save the cost in less amount of labor and man-hours required as the painting is done by trained professionals.

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