Hyundai Launches 3 rd Phase of ‘Happy Move – Save Our Heritage’ CSR Campaign

Hyundai Launches 3 rd Phase of ‘Happy Move – Save Our Heritage’ CSR Campaign on July 11, 2017 at the World Heritage site of Humayun’s Tomb. It is our pleasure and honor to be part of this noble initiative.

Hyundai Launches 3 rd Phase of ‘Happy Move – Save Our Heritage’ CSR Campaign
Mr. S J Ha, Director – Sales & Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, Director – Sales & Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Ltd and Global Youth Volunteers at the inauguration ceremony of Happy Move -‘Save Our Heritage’ initiative
  • 19th ‘Happy Move’ in collaboration with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) at 4 Monuments and at 5 Schools
  • Global Youth Volunteers Camp to support the initiative
  • 125 Volunteers to conduct the awareness and clean drive at 4 Heritage sites

Happy Move Starts at Humayun’s Tomb

Recently, Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) launched the 3 rd Phase of Happy Move – ‘Save Our Heritage’ CSR Campaign in collaboration with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The campaign aims to educate and sensitize people about India’s rich heritage and take significant steps in preserving it. This CSR initiative was formally inaugurated by Mr. S J Ha, Director – Sales & Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Ltd at the magnificent World Heritage site of Humayun’s Tomb.

Hyundai, as part of this #HappyMove campaign, planned an awareness drive from July 10-20, 2017 with 125 Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers at the heritage sites of Humayun Tomb, Qutb Minar, Purana Qila, Qila Rai Pithora, Safdurjung’s Tomb and Red Fort. Hundred volunteers from South Korea and 25 from India have pledged to ‘Save Our Heritage’ cause. Volunteers will basically carry out maintenance activities to preserve the amenities, gardens and will conduct awareness drives to educate the visitors about the value of our heritage.

Hyundai Launches 3 rd Phase of ‘Happy Move – Save Our Heritage’ CSR Campaign
No cheese…smile’s khimchi times 🙂

Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers

The Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers are selected by Hyundai Motor Company with a view to create a global community around the principals of sharing. Currently in its 19th edition, the volunteer program has sent over 3,000 volunteers to India till date who have been instrumental in creating a meaningful difference to lives of people in over 65 villages around Chennai. The Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers have helped create sanitation facilities for over 500 families, provided school infrastructure that has helped 180 schools and over 90,000 students.

At the inaugural event we met several volunteers who have espoused the cause to save our heritage. . Most of the volunteers we had interacted with were from Seoul, South Korea and some from different parts of India. They were mainly University students pursuing different academic courses as varied as media communications, political science, engineering, architecture and literature. The enthusiastic volunteers were slogging it out in the sultry July weather of Delhi cleaning, digging pits and planting trees in the premises of the heritage site. The magnificent Humayun’s Tomb in the backdrop stood witness to the grand acts of nobility in preserving the heritage and culture of our country.

Happy Move Volunteers in Action

Volunteers undertook cleaning, painting and maintenance work as well as planted trees and replaced the dead and broken ones. The grand plan, as someone from the volunteers’ team told us, is to plant around 400 trees during this campaign. Plant varieties picked up for were mango, banyan, peepal, sal, roses, motia – all local Indian varieties favored by the Mughal rulers. Clearly, the Happy Move Global volunteers seemed to be in love with India and enjoying being part of this noble initiative by Hyundai. Only complain they seemed to have was – “India is very hot”.  Honestly, it was a particularly sultry day. But we were in for luck as it rained by evening. After heavy showers the weather turned very pleasant. Hopefully, the visitors will have a comfortable stay and enjoy Delhi monsoon too.

Happy Move Volunteers in Action

School Contact Program Part of the Campaign

Later, over a period of ten days of the campaign,  volunteers will conduct School Contact Program at 5 Delhi-Tamil association (DTEA) Senior Secondary Schools at R.K.Puram, Laxmibai Nagar, Janak Puri, Moti Bagh and Pusa Road to spread the message amongst children. They will take up activities to generate a creative and innovative study environment at the school and engage students in school premises cleaning, school wall designing, maintenance of gardens and design competitions.

What they said about Happy Move

Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, Director Sales and Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said,

“Hyundai is a responsible and caring organisation. Happy Move- Save our Heritage is a unique initiative in association with Archaeologicddal Survey of India. We are thrilled to mobilize an enthusiastic group of Happy Move volunteers from different backgrounds and cultures to jointly work and make this a mass movement towards a common goal of preserving India’s rich cultural heritage. While also raising the awareness level of school students as well as contributing to the welfare and development of school facilities”

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) official on their association with Hyundai said,

“India has an extraordinarily rich and diverse cultural heritage in the form of archaeological sites. It is the responsibility of each one of us to preserve this heritage for the next generations to come as they are both symbols of cultural expressions and evolution. Hyundai’s ‘Happy Move’ is a great initiative that is growing stronger every year. We are happy to support this and look forward to more and more people participating in this movement”.

Hyundai Launches 3 rd Phase of ‘Happy Move – Save Our Heritage’ CSR Campaign

Humayun’s Tomb

This remarkable building – Humayun’s Tomb – in red sandstone was built  in 1569, fourteen years after Humayun’s death.  It is the first distinct example of proper Mughal style, which was inspired by Persian architecture. The Mughal emperor died in 1556, and his widow Hamida Banu Begam, also known as Haji Begam, built it in his memory. Mirak Mirza Ghiyath, a Persian, was the architect employed by Haji Begam for this tomb. Several rulers of the Mughal dynasty lie buried here. Bahadur Shah Zafar had taken refuge in this tomb with three princes during the first war of Independence (AD 1857). What is interesting is the complex also houses his barber’s tomb (Nai-ka-Gumbad) which is a double-dome structure.

Entrance Fee:

Citizens of India and visitors of SAARC (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and Afghanistan) and BIMSTEC Countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar) – Rs. 30 per head.
Others: Rs. 500/- per head
(children up to 15 years free)
Where:  Opposite Dargah Nizamuddin, Mathura Road, New Delhi
Time to Visit: Open from sunrise to sunset

For more pics of the event Hyundai Launches 3 rd Phase of ‘Happy Move – Save Our Heritage’ CSR Campaign visit  our Facebook and Instagram handle.

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