Colourful Topiary Animals are a Big Draw at Noida Flower Show

The lavish displays of greenery and vibrant blossoms at the Noida Flower show are a perfect way to welcome the spring. The spectacular show hosts city gardeners, nursery owners, garden enthusiasts, local pros and garden clubs who artfully display their plants and flowers in full bloom.

A troop of colourful topiary animals are a big draw at the Noida flower show. These are totally crafted out of flowers. The sublime floral art is carefully created by the talented crew of Noida horticulture department.

Colourful Topiary Animals are a Big Draw at Noida Flower Show
Noida Diary: Noida Flower Show 2017

These beautiful floral topiary are created at the government nursery run by horticultural department of Noida Authority in sector 39. Have a dekko!

This plant nursery is snuggled between the Rajkiya Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya (Govt Post Graduate College) and the residential society of ONGC. This is an expansive open space with lush green trees and nursery beds for seasonal plants. They grow ornamental foliage, annual & seasonal flowering plants, fruit-bearing plants and many other varieties as well. It’s a repository of greens.

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