Shop for Fruits, Vegetables and More at the Local Weekly Markets in Noida

New to Noida! Perhaps you wonder where do locals shop for fruits and vegetables. Spot on! ..from the Mangal Bazaar and other local weekly markets that pop-up on the streets of Noida.

Shop Like a Local at These Weekly Markets in Noida

Weekly Pop Up Markets on Fixed Days

The weekly markets in Noida are your go-to markets for fresh produce and day-to-day household needs. These bazaars come up on certain fixed days in various residential localities. You’ll have Mangal Bazaar on Tuesdays, Friday Market, Sunday Market and so on in some part of the city. Similar to rural haat-bazaar these weekly bazaars have make-shift shops in open spaces. The same vendors keep moving their carts to service different clusters of residential areas in the city. You will find aisles of stalls in these bazaars along the main road with vendors selling their wares.

Insider Tip: The best these weekly markets in Noida have to offer is easy access to fresh veggies, fruits and freedom from long queues of a Super Market.

Shopping at Unbelievable Prices

Generally people go to weekly bazaars to buy fresh vegetables & fruits. All kinds of vegetables and seasonal fruits are available here. You’d be surprised to find zucchini, bell peppers – red, yellow and green, baby corns, button mushrooms and other exotic veggies here for your continental dishes. Fruits too come in all varieties from seasonal to exotic grapes, melons and kiwis. Personally, we feel it’s the best place to get fresh seasonal vegetables. To make life easier, they even chop the leafy veggies like palak, methi, bathua, chaulai for you. The best part is fruits and veggies sold here are at rates cheaper than your local vendors.

These markets also cater to the day-today household stuff at unmatched prices. You can shop for spices, pickles, crockery, home decor articles, utensils, clothes, accessories, bed-sheets, rugs, stools, plastic chairs, shoe rack, plastic buckets, mugs and several other items at very affordable rates. One cannot vouch for the quality of the products but you will get these at throwaway prices. You certainly need to hone your bargaining skills to crack a good deal.

Insider Tip: Buy veggies after 9pm for relatively cheap prices. Ideally around 10 pm. Post 11 pm it is dirt cheap 🙂

People Visiting Noida Weekly Markets

The crowd visiting these markets is usually mixed with people from nearby residential societies to labourers in the area. Students, couples, families, kids you’ll find them all. Little wonder, if you bump into your domestic help buying sabji-bhaji for the week.

These Bazaars have something for everyone. You’d be surprised to know, some people still wait the whole week to buy certain things from these bazaars. These markets are generally crowded in the evening hours.

Insider Tip: Beware of pick-pockets at these busy markets.

Weekly Bazaars are Regulated by Noida Authority

Some people find these noisy, busy markets encroaching the roads as a big nuisance. However, these markets are totally legal. The city administration gives contractors vending rights on first come first serve basis for specific days along with identification papers on payment of fees for the whole year. The market time is from 5 pm to midnight.

A Day at Weekly Bazaar

A day at weekly bazaar begins from early morning when a contractor hauls table to the bazaar area which is cordoned off by the Noida Authority. Later by afternoon, vendors start coming to set up their shops on these tables arranged on both sides of the street. Many bring their own push carts or tricycle carts to save on the rental of the tables. Some contractors supply carry bags, tea, snacks and other stuff.

The vendors spend couple of hours everyday to set up their makeshift stalls with wooden planks and iron bars. You’ll find merchandise displayed very attractively to grab shopper’s attention usually hanging their products high enough for a better view. There’s arrangement for proper lighting too at night.

Nuisance for Some, Essential for Others

However, these bazaars often irk the people living in the neighbourhood when shoppers park their vehicles in a haphazard manner leading to congestion on roads and traffic jams. The weekly markets accupy bothe sides of the streets and thus block the roads in a big way causing hardships to motorists and pedestrians alike. It has raked up the issue of being a security threat to the adjacent societies as well. One solution to this could be to allow the weekly markets to operate only on days when the regular market of an area is closed.

These markets have temporarily been shut in the past or moved to other localities on complaints by the local residents. But are always back with a bang on popular demand. Undoubtedly, they give the biggest advantage of affordability at a walking distance from your homes.

Noida Weekly Bazaars – Where to Find Them

Monday Sector 25A, Road between Spice Mall & Noida Stadium
Tuesday Nithari, Road between Sector 25-Sector 31 Road
Wednesday Still discovering…
Thursday Sector 48, Road dividing C &D blocks
Friday Near Sector 34 market & Kendriya Vihar II Sector 82
Saturday Sector 19 Near Post office, A Block, Sector 71
Sunday Sector 40, B Block Sector 56, Sector 39 Block B Road

Do you have a weekly market in your area. Help us out in building this list of weekly markets in Noida. Do let us know about it in comments section? How has your experience been? As you can see we are still looking for the Wednesday market. Your feedback will be helpful to your fellow Noida residents. Do share 🙂

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