Noida Gate – The Main Entry Point to Noida from Delhi

Driving down to Noida from Akshardham – Mayur Vihar side of Delhi you just can’t miss ‘Noida Gate‘. It’s a distinguishing landmark on Noida Link Road, the point where Delhi ends and Noida starts.

Noida Gate - the Main Entry Point to Noida from Delhi

Noida Gate – A Fascinating Structure

The Gateway to Noida is an interesting structure of alternating blue and white arches. The arches covered with tiles are supported on a solid metallic frame. It is a set of three arches that intersect each other artistically to form an arched gate on the road entering into Noida. The archway, oft referred to as Noida Gate, is an iconic landmark that announces to incoming tourists and visitors their presence in the city.

Significance of Lord Buddha Statue

A huge statue of Lord Buddha sitting in padmasana (lotus position)  and hands in ‘Dharmachakra mudra’ is placed at the centre. Dharmachakra in Sanskrit mean ‘Wheel of Dharma’ epitomising the Buddhist philosophy of pursuit of wisdom, ethical conduct and mental development. The mudra (hand gesture) symbolises the moment in the life of Lord Buddha when he preached his first sermon after enlightenment at Sarnath. The administrative district of Noida is named after the lord as Gautam Buddh Nagar. 

Noida Gate – The Entrance to Noida City

This gate arch is one of the main points of entry into the city with welcome signs in both Hindi and English inscribed on top of the White arches. This is a very busy road and traffic is heaviest during the peak office hours in the morning as well as evening. While leaving the city you will find a ‘Thank you’ too for your esteemed visit.  

Welcome to Noida! A rain drenched road at the entry point from New Delhi. Noida beckons all to enjoy the cool breeze.

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