Get Ready for the Internet Car MG Hector with i-Smart Next Gen Technology

Have you ever thought of driving a Bond-style car?! I’ve always been fascinated by the hi-fi cars James Bond drives. In every movie, Bond summons his car while in action. The car obeys all his orders, navigates him out of trouble and shoots bullets at his enemy too. Well, bullet part is little far-fetched. But a car like that which is connected to you and obeys you is a dream. Well, Morris Garages India has made this dream a reality with MG Hector.

Get Ready for the Internet Car MG Hector with i-Smart Next Gen Technology
Get Ready for the Internet Car MG Hector with i-Smart Next Gen Technology

MG Hector in India

Soon, the British car-maker Morris Garages is going to roll its MG Hector car in India. The Hector SUV comes with futuristic technology that will change the way India drives. At a tech conference, MG Motor India’s President & Managing Director Mr Rajeev Chaba introduced its AI-powered Next Gen technology that makes connected mobility a possibility – MG i-Smart infotainment system.

Get Ready for the Internet Car MG Hector with i-Smart Next Gen Technology

MG i-Smart – The Brain of MG Hector

The revolutionary i-Smart is the brain of the system mounted vertically. It is about 10.4-inch large like a smartphone interface gives all the information at a glance. It lets you control all vehicle settings with just a touch. All you need to do is say “Hello MG!”

Say Hello MG!

The cloud enabled, AI based voice assistant will listen to you and respond to your commands to open sun roof, climate control, open window, radio controls or play music. It will navigate you to your favourite pizza joint based on your driving history. AI powered system understands your behaviour over time and makes suggestions for nearby places, alternate routes and set reminders for you too.

Charles Kuai, President, Nuance shared at the MG conference,

The Voice Assistant built by Nuance for MG India is trained for Indian English and accents. It has advanced AI enabled Machine Learning capability to learn and customise itself to each user over time.

Safety & Security via E-Call

In case of emergency, say when airbags are deployed, an instant emergency E-Call is automatically triggered. A message via the connected system is transmitted with exact location, to a response team at MGs customer centre called Pulse Hub. They then contact the car’s i-Smart Head unit. In case owner does not respond or needs assistance, emergency response is initiated to offer speedy assistance.

OTA Updates First Time in India

The systems will be constantly developed and upgraded by Cisco. MG cars will have all the updates Over The Air (OTA). This feature is introduced first time in India. Just like your smartphone the updates will get your system new look and themes for screen, new infotainment content and updated maps.

Future Ready with 5G eSIM

All this is possible because MG Hector is a future-ready connected car. Airtel 5G ready Machine to Machine (M2M) eSIM is embedded in the iSmart system to provide connectivity. Cisco platform with Airtel connectivity make the connected mobility solutions possible.

Pre-loaded with Premium Music

The Hector comes embedded with a Gaana Premium Account. Add that to the seamless, on-the-go connectivity, and you have your favourite tunes at the tap of a button. That certainly makes your drive fun!

i-Smart Next Gen App

Every MG Hector owner will get a downloadable iSmart Next Gen App for their mobile phones. The app, when fired up, scans the car and instantly presents information on its location and whether it is fully locked. You can remotely control the temperature, sunroof, tailgate and door lock with just a few clicks.

After frenetic shopping spree or attending an exhibition, concert or something, you needn’t worry where you parked your car. The ‘Find My Car’ feature on the iSMART Next Gen app instantly shows the shortest route to your car. The geo fencing technology on the MG Hector takes car security to a whole new level. If your kids are travelling in the car on their own with driver, the iSmart app alerts you immediately if it detects your car has left the pre-set perimeter.

The i-Smart app also lets you stay updated about the condition of the MG Hector. Before every journey, you can be sure that your car is in perfect health. The MG Hector accepts your commands from the iSMART Next Gen app. You can have complete control over your journey in the MG Hector. It helps you reach your destination in the shortest time by showing you real-time traffic updates.

Get Ready for the Internet Car MG Hector with i-Smart Next Gen Technology
The demo version of i-Smart Head Unit in the experiential zone. We got a first-hand experience of i- Smart Next Gen technology of Internet car MG Hector
Get Ready for the Internet Car MG Hector with i-Smart Next Gen Technology

MG Motor India Global Technology Partners

MG Motors has partnered with global technology giants CISCO (Leading Brand in Networking and IOT), Microsoft (Leading brand in the OS development and also providing cyber security with its MS Azure Cloud DC), Adobe (Leading brand in multiple services and also leading cloud services), SAP (Leading Numerical Computation, IOT and Automation Brand), iTelligence, Cognizant, Panasonic, Nuance(Leading brand in A.I, Voice Recognition and NLP), Unlimit (A reliance Group Company), premium music by Gaana (Music Streaming company), TomTom (Maps and Navigation) and AccuWeather (Weather Updates).

The MG Hector is first internet car of India. It combines hardware, software, connectivity, services and applications to make your driving experience easier, smoother, and smarter. The i-Smart Next Gen technology has simply wowed us!

Get ready for this Future-Ready Internet car! It may soon hit Indian roads!!

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22 thoughts on “Get Ready for the Internet Car MG Hector with i-Smart Next Gen Technology

  1. Internet car sounds so amazing, to have a first hand experience of such a technology would have been so wonderful for you. Can’t wait to share this info with my car freak husband and son too 🙂

  2. The MG Hector car seems straight out of a SciFi book or movie. It sounds so futuristic and seems to push beyond the frontiers of technology. The iSmart technology sounds really smart with so many convenient and state of the art features.

    1. Its hi tech and will make driving experience so much fun. iSmart is gonna change things in auto space in India. You know, after Tesla MG is bringing this technology to the cars and that too in India. How cool is!

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