Decorative Flower Stall at Deep Utsav 2013, Noida

The recently concluded Deep Utsav, an annual consumer fair  held at Noida stadium, threw open a great opportunity to Noida residents to shop for the festive season. The fair had stalls from different parts of the state as well as artists and artisans displaying theirs from other parts of India to. Deep Utsav is a colorful Diwali Mela organized by Noida Authority to celebrate Diwali with people of Noida. Besides shopping oppurtunities people can enjoy delectable dishes from different part of Uttar Pradesh and India too. You will find idli-dosa, Rajasthani daal baati choorma, Mumbaiyya bhel-puri, Avadhi galauti kebabs to dominoes pizza as well.
We liked this particular stall with colorful decorative flower stalks. They were in bright colors as well as in earthly tones.
A stall at Deep Utsav 2013, Noida selling decorative flowers
A stall at Deep Utsav 2013, Noida selling decorative flowers

The stall at Deep Utsav 2013, Noida was selling decorative flowers. These colorful flowers add the vibrancy to the decor and add beauty and warmth to your home. Make a centerpiece or create a space that reflects your personality with these pretty colorful flowers. Get inspired to add the personal touches to your home that makes it uniquely yours.


A tip for shopping: If you shop on the last day, towards the end of the fair when the stall holders are in a winding up process, you might get some real good bargains. Though we would advise you not to bargain with the artisans who are trying hard to keep their ancestral craft and business alive. But you can certainly try your luck with the stalls where Chinese goods are being sold. These are priced higher during the initial days of the consumer fair while as we said earlie, to wards the end of the Utsav your purchases will turn out real steals.

Happy Shopping!

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