Rain, Rain and Drains in Noida!

This monsoon Noida has seen unprecedented rains as was witnessed in other parts of India. Noida rains flooded roads. The unpreparedness on part of the city administration is appalling. Rains bring a mixed bag of emotions to the Noida dwellers.

After a dry spell of three weeks Noida received a heavy downpour yesterday. It brought the temperatures two notches below the normal for the city says the Met Department. The season’s average is 27 degrees Celsius. Rains brought a sigh of  relief to the residents of Noida from hot and humid days.

Rains bring respite to Noida
Photo: Reuters

Noida was lashed with rains in the evening. Rains at rush-hour were nightmarish for daily commuters who were returning from their offices. My neighbor for whom it takes otherwise just twenty minutes to reach home from office was stuck for more than an hour in a long traffic jam. Water-logged roads added woes to everybody’s dismay.

Rains during rush hour in Noida cause long traffic jams
Photo: NDTV
My maid reported in the morning they had knee-deep water around their houses in Nithari village. Every year it is the same story as many residents would agree. The areas get swamped as the drains are clogged with garbage.
Water-logged roads in Noida
Photo: Daanish Muzaffar
Noida city has an extensive system of rain-water drains which open into either Yamuna river or the Hindon river. Noida’s drain water goes through two major drains – Shahdara Drain and Noida Drain. Desilting work is carried out by Noida Authority before the beginning of Monsoon season. However, every year residents face clogged roads with nearly 1.5 feet of water. Rains bring mixed emotions to the residents of Noida.

17 thoughts on “Rain, Rain and Drains in Noida!

  1. Bigger roads are being laid with no emphasis on the drainage system. No wonder at the slightest hint of rain, our roads turn into rivers overflowing with garbage. There is no proper infrastructure planning.

  2. Bushra, this is the situation of almost all the urban destination in the country !!Too much of rain brings pain and nothing else … check any city !
    Noida is a city which is an infant , hardly two decades at the most..a proper drainage system is the least expected prerequisite

  3. Thank you for stopping by Anupama.

    Rains are always welcome! What we wish is there should be a system in place which allows us to enjoy rains rather than getting annoyed by its aftermath of clogged drains and waterlogged roads.

  4. Very true. News on TV and internet is full of photos people dealing with floods of different scale. Cities which hail as the financial capital or home to the second best airport in the world, irrespective of their standing on the world map they fair very badly on dealing with civic issues and fail to provide good urban standards of living to its citizens.

  5. Hey Bushra, in my city we actually flooded 🙁 I live in Calgary, AB Canada and it was the first time we actually had a "state of emergency". Businesses downtown were shut down and major roads were closed off. Hopefully your hometown doesn't rain any worse!

  6. A Chu, thank you for dropping by. Sitting here its almost unthinkable something of that sort will happen in developed world. We too are having more than usual rains this season. Wonder how you people cope up with situations like these?!

  7. Its wonderful to know the greatness of human spirit in your city. Humans when united can move mountains. Though it was not a very bad situation here in my city but we have come together to help the less forunate oness affected in Hiamalayan region of Uttarakhand. One such effort that is being carried out in my city is noted in my earlier post. You can check the below link to know more.


  8. We have a city wide slogan called "Calgary Strong" and we are now known as being "resilient". With all the flood destruction, we have tons of volunteers in the city who helped clean and donate to the less unfortunate.

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