Horlicks Growth Plus to #CatchUpOnGrowth

“Healthy growth is about gain in both weight and height as per the established standards” – Experts, child Health and Nutrition.

Noida Diary: Brand Launch of Horlicks Growth Plus #CatchUpOnGrowth

Mothers often fuss over their kids not eating properly and ‘junk’ often replacing the healthy food. They have a valid concern as complete nutrition is required for wholesome growth and development of children.
Health in children is measured by experts in height and weight gain parameters. Sometimes a child falls behind these universally agreed upon standards due to their insufficient dietary intake of nutrients. Usually a lot of junk in diet, less of proteins and other nutrients and sometimes frequent sickness is responsible for children lagging in height and weight milestones.

GSK Consumer Healthcare the makers of delicious health drink Horlicks launched their brand new product – Horlicks Growth Plus. This health drink promises to help kids in the age group of 3-9 years to #CatchUpOnGrowth.

Noida Diary: Horlicks Growth Plus is Available in Two Flavors - Creamy Chocolate and Smooth Vanilla
Horlicks Growth Plus is Available in Two Flavors – Creamy Chocolate and Smooth Vanilla

The product unveiling event in association with Indiblogger was held at swanky Hotel The Lalit, New Delhi on May 15. Bloggers from NCR including yours truly were invited for the unboxing of Horlicks Growth Plus – a health drink that provides clinically proven visible growth in six months..Yes! You read it right – in SIX months.


Horlicks Growth Plus product launch event at The Lalit kicked off with registrations and a scrumptious buffet lunch. It was a great opportunity to connect with blogger buddies of Delhi and NCR over the lunch. Quickly followed a welcome speech by Anoop, member of Team Indiblogger and fun introduction round where people won themselves cool prizes based on their answers. Indiblogger, we love you!

Informative Session with Experts 

The stage was handed over to a group of experts for a child-centered interactive discussion on ‘Impportance of Right Growth’. The eminent members of the panel discussion were Dr Rajiv Chhabra, HOD Paediatrics at Artemis, Gurgaon; Ms Satinder Kaur Walia, Masters in Psychology and Founder of Learning at Potential; Dr Jyoti Batra, Head Dietician at Batra Hospital. The discussion was moderated by Ms Natasha Badhwar, Media professional, Entrepreneur and Blogger.

Noida Diary: Discussion Panel at the Launch of Horlicks Growth Plus
Eminent Panelists Discussing ‘Importance of Right Growth’

Key Takeaways from Discussion: The experts brought home the point proper nutrition is a must for healthy growth. Dr Rajiv Chhabra told the session iron deficiency can lead to low IQ. Psychologist Ms Satinder Walia pointed out physical growth affects confidence in a child. Dr Jyoti Arora said mother’s touch along with proper nutrition is very important. Importance of a good lifestyle and family eating at least one stress-free meal together was also universally agreed upon as a must for the child’s healthy development.

“Everything boils down on diet. Over-reliance on milk is not good.” – Dr. Rajeev Chabra#CatchUpOnGrowth

— Horlicks Growth Plus (@Growth_Plus) May 15, 2016

“Protein is important for a child’s diet,” Dr. Jyoti Arora in conversation with @natashabadhwar #CatchUpOnGrowth

— Horlicks Growth Plus (@Growth_Plus) May 15, 2016

.@natashabadhwar helps us understand the struggle that parents face when it comes to providing wholesome nutrition to kids.#CatchUpOnGrowth

— Horlicks Growth Plus (@Growth_Plus) May 15, 2016


Noida Diary: Unboxing of Horlicks growth Plus at Indiblogger Meet

The moment finally arrived when Mr Amaan Khan, Marketing Lead for GSK Consumer Healthcare amidst arc-lights unveiled Horlicks Growth Plus to a packed house in Conference Hall at The Lalit. He later briefly introduced the brand new health drink of Horlicks while Dr Aditya Kaushik, Head Medical Affairs for GSK Consumer Healthcare talked about the journey of the product through clinical trials and highlighted the nutritional requirements of children and how the Horlicks growth Plus bridges the growth gap.

Mr Amaan from GSK marketing cell unboxing Horlicks Growth plus pic.twitter.com/5oS4EctbMV

— Bushra Muzaffar (@BushraMuzaffar) May 15, 2016


Horlicks Growth Plus – the newest health drink from the stable of GSK Consumer Healthcare is a product scientifically designed by Schnieder Medical Institute’s Department of Endocrinology, Israel. It is strongly backed by clinical trials proven to enhance growth visibly in 6 months in undernourished children who are lagging in height and weight gain milestones as per the growth charts.

The formula of Horlicks Growth Plus is rich in high quality protein. It contains growth amino acids, Vitamins D, A and C, and minerals like calcium, iron and zinc to enhance growth of children between the age group 6-9 years. Each 2 servings of Horlicks Growth+ (Vanilla variant) contains 19.4 grams of high quality whey protein.

Experts say children need 1.2 times more protein than adults for proper growth, and 80 per cent of it is used for growth and development. Inadequate protein intake may lead to below average growth in children. Horlicks Growth+ naturally enhances growth.

“2 servings a day of Horlicks Growth+ contain as much protein as 1¼ cup of cheese, the same Vitamin C as 2 medium sized lemons, calcium equal to ⅔ of a cup of milk, as much phosphorus as in 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, an equal amount of iron to 2 bowls of spinach, as much zinc as in ½ a cup of cow peas, and the same Vitamin A as in 2 medium sized carrots So while children are catching up on growth, they are also getting important vitamins and minerals.” (Quoted from Horlicks Website)

Horlicks Growth + comes in two delicious flavors – Smooth Vanilla and Creamy Chocolate. During the launch I had tasted their chocolate flavour which was yumm! Other’s who had tasted vanilla said it tasted like ice cream. How cool…kids are going to love it!!

Unveiling of Horlicks Growth + at @indiblogger meet at The Lalit. Tasted the chocolate flavour. It’s yum! pic.twitter.com/vTMgdG1GDQ

— Bushra Muzaffar (@BushraMuzaffar) May 15, 2016

Where To Buy From?

Priced at INR585/- a pop for a 500 gm pack and INR315/- a pop for a 200 gram pack, you can buy Horlicks Growth+ online. Horlicks has tied up with BigBasket, the online grocery store presently and in talks with others informed the GSK Marketing rep.

So, get your fussy, picky and under-nourished  kid the delicious Horicks Growth Plus. Mind you, this health drink is not a replacement of food rather a supplement of nutrients.

Indiblogger – Thank You!

The Indiblogger Meet was all fun and information and certainly a great way to connect with the brand and the bloggers. The concluding part of the meet post a tea/coffee break was more fun. The house was divided into a team of ten who were given the task of preparing an advertorial video for Horlicks Growth plus. Our team called ‘Horlickers’ had super fun creating the video.  

Noida Diary: Our Team at the Indimeet - 'Horlickers'
Our Team at the Indimeet – ‘Horlickers’
Noida Diary: Videotaping the Brand Launch of Horlicks Growth Plus
Moi Videotaping the Event at IndiMeet

The bloggers were equally busy on social media posting their updates as the event progressed. You can find the event related tweets and posts tagged as #CatchUpOnGrowth. Subscribing to Indiblogger’s motto “We Blog, Therefore We Are” the Delhi-NCR bloggers have written their views on this event and the product. Do read their version too by Googling using the same hashtag #CatchUpOnGrowth.
Checkout the brand launch video by yours truly on YouTube.

Noida Diary: Indibloggers at the Indimeet
“We Blog, Therefore We Are” – Indibloggers

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Disclosure: I had attended the promotional brand launch event of Horlicks Growth Plus

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