The Guide to Safe and Mosquito-Free Homes

People used to consider picking up few mozzie bites as a summer rite of passage. These bites, however, are no longer innocuous. Ignore these monster mozzies and you risk the health of your near and dear ones.

Primarily, capital city of Delhi, Noida and adjacent areas see a rise in mosquito population right after the monsoon showers. Consequently, people fell sick of the mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. This year, however, it has been much earlier. The outbreak of dengue and chikungunya has got everyone worried about the mosquitoes.

Fast Fact  – We humans are big, slow and smelly targets that are easy to find. Mosquitoes are basically attracted to people by the scent of chemicals we produce by our metabolism and sweating, and carbon dioxide, which we exhale.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from becoming infected with these mosquito-borne diseases is by protecting yourselves from mosquito bites. Here is our little guide to safe and mosquito-free homes.

Best protection against mosquitoes

Cover up. When outdoors wear long-sleeved shirts and pants with thick fabric to prevent mosquitoes from biting. Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to bright colors, it would be a good idea to stick to light colored clothes. Shoes and socks are also recommended. Tuck pants into socks for extra protection when going outside between the hours of dusk and dawn.

Reduce mosquito breeding sites around your home. Stagnant water of any kind is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes easily breed if water stands for seven days or longer. Store buckets and other containers upside down.

Repair failed septic systems. Clean roof gutters regularly. Chlorinate swimming pools that are not used regularly.

Clean up. Keep grass short and shrubbery trimmed. Regularly flush out standing water in flowerpots, buckets, birdbaths, old tyres etc where water might pool.

Handy tip for gardeners – Add sand to the bottom of self-watering flowerpots that will not allow water to stand. Also, drill holes in the bottom of outdoor containers to drain excess water and check mosquito breeding.

Cover your home’s windows and doors with screens. Check window screens for holes and make sure they fit snugly into the window frame so mosquitoes do not get inside your home. Keep windows closed between the hours of dusk and dawn if you do not use window screens. Preferably, consider using a bed mosquito net in nights.

Plant some  mosquito-repellent varieties in your garden to keep the mozzies at bay. Marigold, lemongrass, lavender are natural repellents as their strong smells don’t curry favor with mozzies and also these mask human odors. You can pot some carnivore plants like Venus flytrap, pitcher plant that are insect eaters and natural predators of these vectors. However, these plants do not mosquito proof your house.

Light citronella candles on in the evenings when the family is out. This will check mosquito presence but these again are  minimally better than plain candles.

Use a mosquito repellent when outdoors, especially, during the early evening to morning hours. Near dawn and dusk mosquitoes are most actively feeding and also abundantly present in a wooded, shaded or swampy area.

Fast Fact -The day-biting mosquito aedes aegypti spreads both dengue and chikungunya while malaria is caused by plasmodium parasite transmitted by anopheles mosquito.

Know the best usage of mosquito repellents for homes

 The Guide to Safe and Mosquito-Free Homes The Guide to Safe and Mosquito-Free Homes The Guide to Safe and Mosquito-Free Homes
Mosquito Repellent Bands

If possible avoid being outdoors in the early evening to morning when mosquitoes are most active and likely to bite. Keep your kids safe outdoors covering them up fully in long clothes and using mosquito repellent bands. Good knight Patches and repellent bands are 100% Natural, Paediatrician certified as baby safe and gives 8 hour protection.

Mosquito Repellent Machine

While indoors, Good knight mosquito repellent machine can be used which has 2x power with Activ mode. It switches between activ mode and normal mode, depending upon number of mosquitoes giving protection in all corners of the room. pretty intelligent machine. No?!

Mosquito Coil

Use Mosquito Coils. Mosquito coils from Good knight has power formula that ensures 12 hours of protection with active filter technology that ensures lesser smoke.

The local administration also pitches in with fogging children’s parks, residential and commercial areas in the city. They should step up awareness drives distributing pamphlets and plying vehicles with loudspeakers announcing the dos and don’ts for prevention to curb the mozzie menace.

No matter what you do to make your area mosquito-proof, a few of the critters will still escape your net. These expert tips and uses of effective repellents, hopefully, will prepare you well to combat the mozzie menace. Take the necessary steps and stay safe!


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