One Week Three Movies – Staycation at its Best in Noida

One week into the summer vacation already watched three movies – Iron Man 3, Star Trek into Darkness and epic. This is BLISS!

Absolutely not an overdose of movies! We are just paying Tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema completes 100 years – 1913 to 2013

India is the world’s largest market for movie tickets. The Indian movie industry is primed to be a $5 billion industry in the coming years. According to Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO,  Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) films contribute about $640 million to the Indian economy.

Top Ten Countries by Expenditure on Movies include India, USA and Indonesia

The statistic shows the crown for movies with the most fans on Facebook as of April 2013 belong to the fantasy world. The Harry Potter series holds the top spot with 60.63 million Facebook fans, followed by Avatar with more than 39.86 million fans on the social network.

Our choice this week was no different. Iron Man 3, Star Trek into Darkness and epic belong to the similar genre. Watching movies at Big CinemasTGIP, Noida is a delight. The movies have been no less than wonderful entertainers.

Iron Man (2013)

Great movie this summer with many whistle and clap-worthy moments for the action sequences that inspire nothing but awe Read the review by Claudia Puig, USA Today. She writes “This third installment (after 2008’s Iron Man and 2012’s Iron Man 2) has such a surfeit of visual dazzle and eye-popping stunts that it teeters on overload. But Downey reins it all in with his perfectly-timed dry wit”. Couldn’t have agreed more and Sir Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin is the surprise package.

Mandarin the new enemy of Iron Man

If you missed after the credits scene of Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Dr Bruce Banner aka Hulk like many others, watch it on You Tube.

Truly, the movie inspires awe and to some it gives ideas for crazy stuff. Watch this bizarre story of a man dressed as Iron-man who robs the bank in California.

Star Trek into Darkness (2013)

Brilliant special effects, superb action sequences, great humor and great performances make this movie a must-watch this summer. 
The adventures of Captain Kirk and Spock thrilled my generation when Gene Roddenberry’s original mid-60’s TV series was aired on Doordarshan. The movie set in 2259 with futuristic skyline of London and San Francisco has the similar style of  clothing for the starship Enterprise crew that we saw in the show. The film is loaded with action and the dialogues make it fun to watch. The movie is about a mission that unfolds a beautiful story of bond of friendship between Captain Kirk and Spock and also delves on the issues of  justice, morality, vengeance and friendship through its various characters. The genetically enhanced John Harrison  comes out as an impressive menacing villain.

epic (2013)

We are dumb and slow STOMPERS!
epic is a cool 3D animated movie which have you roll into  fantasy world of little leaf men. epic an adventure story based on William Joyce’s children’s book ‘Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs’ comes from the makers of Ice Age and Rio.
It tells the story of a girl who is magically transported to this secret world hidden from us and finds herself into a battle deep in the forest between forces of good and evil. She teams up with warrior leaf men to save their and our world from the evil forces. This comedy-drama is highly recommended and the eye-catching humor of slug-snail duo make it a must watch.
Ironically all our choices this week have been from Hollywood. We just paid tribute to good Cinema!Another line-up of some fantastic movies like Man of Steel, Fast and Furious 6 in the coming weeks is a big teaser. Which movies are you watching this summer?

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