Happy Holi 2014!

We wish our readers a very colorful and joyous ‘Holi‘. May your life be filled with the colors of joy, fun, happiness, friendship and love!!!
Pichkari Shopping for Holi in Noida
Pichkari Shopping for Holi in Noida

Holi is a spring festival celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm. It is also called the festival of colors. People play Holi with gulal (colors) and pichkari (sprayguns). Night prior to Holi, pyres are lit to symbolize the death of demoness Holika. This is called Holika Dahan. Holi is thus the celebration of the death of the demoness. People burn Holikas on their terraces and in the community parks too.

Holika Dahan in Sector Park in Noida
Holika Dahan in Sector Park of Noida
Did you check out the awesome ‘Pichkari‘ Doodle by Google this Holi πŸ™‚
Holi Festival Doodle by Google
Did you attend the Pre-Holi bash at Reverb Disc or the glitzy ‘Rang Barse’ at Noida Stadium. Surprise us! You have certainly marked the D-day for the Holi event at Kalindi Kunj. There was a Spring Festival and fundraiser for kids – ‘Vasant Uday‘ organized at Sector 21 community Center on a day prior to Holi. You can find about it here. Check out these and other exciting hip and happenings events of Noida at our Facebook Page ‘Noida Diary’ Events section or simply click here.
People buying gulal and pichkari at the local shopping center in Noida
People buying colors and pichkari for the Holi at Local Shopping Center, Sector 25, Noida

Mostly people in Noida prefer to celebrate Holi with their near and dear ones at home, community parks and also visiting their neighbors and relatives. You can not miss the holi celebrations in India. People playing with colors and waterguns andΒ  dancing to the tunes of hit bollywood numbers is a common sight. Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Rang barse’ song has ruled the roost as all time favorite holi song of everyone. Noida authority too has made sure the residents enjoy Holi to the fullest by supplying water for 11 hours on the festival day, between 7am and 4pm, and again 7pm and 10pm. Otherwise the Authority supplies water for 2 hours daily in the morning and evening.

Hope you all had an amazing Holi! Share your experience with us!

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21 thoughts on “Happy Holi 2014!

  1. Thanks Mridula! May the colors of Holi bring you joy and happiness. Enjoyed following your snowy trail recently. Looking forward to your next one πŸ™‚ All the best for your Nokia trip to Finland!!

  2. Thanks Bushra for regularly promoting my posts through Indivine. Though I have never interacted with you I can surely tell that you are an avid cricket fan as you are probably the only blogger who constantly promotes my posts! I thank you once again.

    This is a lovely post on the festival of colors. Nice pictures, though I personally never play with the colors I do go to the Holika Dahan the night before.

  3. Being an Indian can you do that – not being a cricket fan πŸ˜€ Yours is a niche blog and I get to read interesting stuff. I am following your current rating series as well πŸ™‚

    Thanks for reading this!!

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