Contemporary Oriental restaurant J’s opens its doors for Asian food lovers at Mosaic Hotel in Noida

Bringing exclusive new Asian culinary trends to the region, Mosaic Hotel Noida launched J’s, an upscale Oriental restaurant.

Mosaic Hotels announced the opening of J’s – its Contemporary Oriental restaurant in Noida. J’s was officially launched at an exclusive event featuring the who’s who of Delhi and Noida at the Mosaic Hotel Noida.

Pan-Asian Cuisine on Chef-curated Menu

Inspired by a dash of modern oriental cuisine from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China and Vietnam, the upscale contemporary oriental restaurant J’s is ready to begin a new era of dining experience and exceptional service through its refined look, chic interiors and chef-curated menu with hand-picked dishes, including J’s live carving of roast duck, vegetarian sushi such as green California roll, wok shrimp, chicken in clay and other signature dishes, including mosaic fish cake and pre-plated vegetable crystal dumplings.

Tenzin Losel, Corporate Chef, Mosaic Hotels
Tenzin Losel, Corporate Chef, Mosaic Hotels

Speaking of the oriental cuisine available at J’s, Tenzin Losel, Corporate Chef, Mosaic Hotels, said: 

“Keeping Indian preferences in mind, we carefully crafted the menu for J’s and included a number of delicious vegetable and herbal dishes. The wide range of dishes are meticulously handcrafted and plated on exquisite cutlery to satisfy connoisseur taste buds.

Modern take on Traditional Oriental Design in J’s Interiors

Embracing facets of rich Asian culture, J’s entrance features a distressed green and gold door, which symbolizes good fortune, balance and progress. Further emphasizing the cultural roots of the space, the decorative lights above the door showcase Chinese characters and style.

Contemporary Oriental Restaurant J’s Opens its Doors for Asian Food Lovers in Noida

An alcove ceiling inspired by the look of rice paper and the alcove’s rattan half-screens welcome guests to a warm dining area. The oriental color palette along with reverse woven Vietnamese head coverings adorn the ceiling and engulf the entire space in shades of red, black and gold; giving it a bright and vibrant look. The interior also features a traditional red rattan panel, symbolizing luck and happiness according to Asian beliefs. The J’s bar features an eye-catching fish scale design while the windows feature a contemporary mesh pattern that offers an updated take on traditional design components. The use of natural white ash wood makes J’s one of the finest oriental restaurants in the country.

On the latest addition to Mosaic Hotel Noida, Mr. Kulbhushan Talwar, Cluster General Manager, Mosaic Hotels, said: 

“We are extremely pleased to present the contemporary oriental restaurant at Mosaic Hotel. J’s, with its line of signature Oriental cuisine, is poised to introduce a new dimension to the National Capital Region’s dining scene. In line with our commitment to exemplary hospitality, J’s will offer a holistic dining experience that celebrates oriental cuisine.

Contemporary Oriental Restaurant J’s Opens its Doors for Asian Food Lovers in Noida

Contemporary Oriental Restaurant J’s

J’s Contemporary Oriental Restaurant gives guests the opportunity to indulge in authentic and modern Oriental delights in a chic ambience with lively music. The chic outlet offers an impressive selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to match local culinary preferences.

By introducing J’s, Mosaic Hotels presents its guests with cuisine that is a perfect blend of all the finest and rarest ingredients found across the continent in a chic ambience. The striking interior exemplifies the restaurant’s timeless elegance and is sure to delight food lovers staying in the area.

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