Fog in Noida

Fog in Noida, December 2013
Fog in Noida, December 2013
Winter has finally arrived! The city is enveloped in fog early in the morning. As I lifted the curtains in the morning I was greeted with a white sheet of dense fog. Felt the temperature drop already in the night. There were brave souls who would hazard a walk on the roads in the wee hours for the sake of health. The little children transformed into smoking dragons as they waited for their school bus. Cuppa coffee here I come!

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  1. yeah same is in delhi, gurgaon and faridabad…My friend and I share a joke on fog which goes like this- "The world has come to an end my friend. We are surrounded by the clouds of hell/heaven. Let's meet at the hell/heaven gates on Sunday and have Masala Dosa with Yam dev :p"

  2. Fog !! Its takes more lives than Yamraj. In fog pron region, driving a car on a highways in nights is as dangerous as putting your foot on a resting cobra's tail to ascertain whether it is alive…

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