Patang Baazi

Come August, the craze for patang baazi takes a new high in and around capital of the nation. The sky is dotted with colorful kites, mostly tiranga. We love to wear our nationalism on our kites. And why shouldn’t we??!! Its on this day India gained its freedom. This is the best way of celebrating the true independent spirit of a free nation. This year, however, the movement to free the nation from corruption gained momentum to an unprecedented scale. The calling of Anna Hazare was compared to Mahatma in zestiest status updates on social networking sites and micro-blogging sites alike. The sound bytes on news channels were dedicated to the little man Anna and the spirit of celebration was lost in the din. Amid all this, we the lesser mortals gave in to the calling of frivolous indulgences of kites, snacks and were drowned in the sounds of ‘ye kaata‘ and high decibel music on the terrace. For patang baazi tips go through this interesting article by Aahang.

This post was written in August 2011.

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